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Odigo: Revolutionizing The Customer Experience Through Contact Centers

A contact center is that central point in a business where customer interactions are managed through various channels like voice, web interfaces, email, or text chats for a satisfactory and consistent customer experience. The growth of a business highly depends on the success of a contact center, which in turn depends on how good the experience is for both the customer and the service agent. Odigo seeks to offer a world-class customer experience that is both satisfying to the customers and fulfilling to the agents through a cloud-based contact center.

A good experience through the customer interaction center can be that factor that determines whether a customer continues to do business with you or switches to your competitor. As one of the market leaders in the provision of contact center solutions, Odigo employs its 25 years’ experience and cutting-edge technologies to deliver an efficient, engaging, omnichannel experience that is satisfying to both the customers and the agents.

Understand the Customer Experience and Why It Is Important

The experience your customers receive with the product and the people in their buying journey forms their view of your brand, which directly impacts your sales and in turn your revenue. A satisfied customer is the best resource that a business can have for its brand awareness and sustained growth.That is why a business should invest in ensuring that its contact center offers the best customer experience to its customers.

We can sum the customer experience as the holistic impression that the customers have on a brand through their interaction with the business through the different stages of consumption from pre-purchase, post-purchase, to consumption. The customer is looking to not only be satisfied with the product, but also with their interaction with the business through its contact center where their questions are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Why Odigo is The Best Contact Center for Top-Notch Customer Experience

Odigo serves 200 plus clients and 400,000 users around the world. Odigo is dedicated to helping your business grow by offering you a world-class customer experience(CX) service, just like it is meant to be. This is how they do it:

  • Omnichannel CX- Customers are happier talking to your business through the channels they use to talk to everyone else, be it voice calls, text messages, social media, chats, video, or mail. Odigo is built to seamlessly cope with any of these channels for consistency through its contact center as a service (CCaaS).
  • Intelligent routing- Odigo uses AIs that can understand the intention and context of an inquiry from the customer’s voice biometrics. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively route the inquiry to the best-qualified agent.
  • Agent assist- Odigo’s CCaaS AI technology  has the capability to detect emotion in a caller’s voice, recognize stress and push information to the agent or recommend the next best action.


Odigo offers you a better, connected, wholesome customer experience through its contact center solutions. Odigo deliver a pleasant customer experience effortlessly, while also ensuring that the agents’ experience is fulfilling and that the changing aspects of the business world and your business’ growth are factored in.


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