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The 5 Most Innovative Marketing Companies in Real Estate


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. The principles behind this business strategy can be applied across multiple industries, in this case, the real estate market.

As a realtor, you need to equip yourself with the right marketing tools to ensure lead generation, increased conversion rates, and more revenue. In today’s digital era, there are several marketing companies coming up with innovative marketing approaches to enable their clients to stay on top of their competitors.

These efforts are designed to meet the ever-changing taste and preferences of the modern consumer. The real estate industry is largely a service-based industry.

This means you have to come up with a strategy that improves your interaction with potential customers. However, you don’t have to worry since there are marketing firms that take innovation to the next level. Here is a summary of top innovative marketing companies in real estate.

Land Voice

Land Voice has positioned itself as one of the leading online marketing companies for realtors. The company offers realtors innovative software solutions to address the new trends in real estate marketing.

The company’s flagship product, SiteSell, is considered one of the best and most innovative website tools. Using this tool, realtors can build fast, secure and reliable websites, something most customers are currently looking for.

A key component for any digital marketing strategy is having a fully functional website. This way, you can improve your online presence across multiple spaces. Building a website is not a walk in the park, especially for those with no background in web development.

However, Land Voice makes it easy for realtors to build websites without the technical know-how.

The company also offers SiteBuildIt, an online listing management tool that makes it easy for realtors to upload listings directly to their websites. Land Voice also offers various products, including:

  • Expired Listing Data- a list of prospective sellers who are willing to sell their homes as soon as possible and need the services of a realtor.
  • Old Expired Data- it also provides agents with a list of homes that were listed a few years back but were never sold. With this data, they can find homes appropriate for their current client base. This information is usually exclusive, as the company works with one agent for every service area.
  • FSBO listing Data- this firm also helps realtors secure locally sourced FSBOs. With a monthly subscription, you can access the FSBO listing from the last six months.
  • Pre-Foreclosure Leads- you can also access information on sellers looking to sell their homes to beat the deadline on their foreclosure. This way, you can market to potential sellers and expand your business.

Wise Agent

As stated before, the success of any realty business lies with its customer engagement, some of the pillars on which Wise Agent is built. This platform comes with multiple CMS tools designed to elevate customer engagement.

Wise agent helps realtors classify their data based on the source and categories for effective marketing. This company provides real estate agents with MLS-based marketing software to help them generate personalized reports to help streamline their listings.

With this software, realtors can reduce time spent preparing listings and selling homes. Aside from the MLS software, realtors can take advantage of the lead generation tools offered. This way, they can market to quality leads with the potential of converting to return clients. Other amazing features offered by Wise Agent include:

  • Contact Manager
  • Transaction Manager
  • Appointment calendar
  • Document Storage
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Enhancement
  • Marketing

The marketing features help realtors design their marketing campaigns, including drip campaigns, email marketing, real estate flyers, email branding, SMS texts, and real estate newsletters. These campaigns are designed to bridge the informational gap between the realtor and the potential client for effective marketing.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is one of the leading marketing platforms for realtors to design postcards. This platform helps realtors design postcards of varying sizes and content to help them reach out to potential clients within their service area. Some people may even ask, ‘why postcards?’

Postcards, unlike junk mail, can easily get the attention of your potential clients. It is also a creative and fun way to market your services.

Using their Postcard Builder, you can design postcards for different purposes, including Just Listed. We Buy Homes, Open House, Sell Your Home, and Just Sold. Despite the effectiveness of these postcards, you need to consistently market to increase your brand awareness.

Realtors can also leverage Wise Pelican for their real estate mailing list builder. It allows users to customize and tailor their mailing list to their target audience at an affordable price. It comes with comprehensive list builder tools that ease the process of generating lists based on the service area. Other amazing features offered include:

  • A Professional Postcard Template
  • Integrated Mail Campaign Tracking
  • Automated Seller Valuation Templates

Wise Pelican provides a list management tool that allows you to upload lists and select lists to include in your mail campaign. You can also use this platform to preschedule your mailings. This way, you can create and schedule mails to go out in the future for consistency.

Bold Leads

Bold Leads is one of the top lead generation platforms designed for realtors. It helps realtors cultivate potential leads, nurturing them into clients. This marketing platform helps to run social media campaigns through various platforms in an effort to generate leads for your realty business. The platform uses Facebook ads, filter sellers, and buyer leads to find high-quality leads. Major features of Bold Leads include:

  • Automated Facebook Ad Campaigns- it helps generate quality leads within your Zip Code. This way, you don’t have to worry about the success of your social media campaigns.
  • Exclusivity- the company offers exclusivity. This means it offers its services to one realtor for every Zip Code.
  • Automated follow-ups- Bold leads generate automatic follow-up messages to help address queries from customers. This way, it can hen promote customer engagement.

Bold Leads gives you an opportunity to focus more on service delivery as they take care of the marketing aspects of your business. The best part is that they customize your marketing campaign to fit your needs. Bold Leads offers lead generation services and boasts top customer relationship management tools to help realtors improve customer engagement.

Bold Leads is generally perfect for realtors; however, it has a few demerits. Some realtors have found it too expensive in the long run as the price for upgrades quickly rises. It has also been accused of providing weak or cold leads that don’t relay work to the interest of the realtor.

This platform comes in three different versions, each with its own benefits:

Lite- this is the cheapest version that offers realtors ads management, lead generation, email marketing, CRM, automated follow-ups, and landing pages.

Professional- aside from features offered on Lite, this version provides text concierge- the ability to automate your text responses.

Advanced- Clients can enjoy features such as the IDX website and market reports. These features provide market and website analysis to help the relator make informed decisions.

Revamped Real Estate

Content marketing is key to the success of any real estate business. This means every realtor needs to come up with creative and quality content that addresses industry-related issues. Revamped Real Estate is an innovative approach to content marketing.

It helps realtors generate referrals and develop the right videos for their brands. With the help of this platform, realtors can come up with content that motivates potential buyers and sellers to work with them without paying.