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The Benefits of Using Biometric Authentication For Your Business


In a constantly changing world, keeping with the times and adapting a business is very important to benefit the company, its employees and its customers. Biometric authentication verifies a person’s identity through unique features through software such as a facial recognition system. It has many benefits for a range of businesses including offering higher levels of security and productivity, discover more about those benefits here.

What are biometrics

Biometrics is an advanced piece of technology used to authenticate a person’s identity through unique features, such as fingerprints, facial recognition or iris recognition. It is used within many enterprises and personal security systems to help boost safety and security, for example of a person’s data, employees in a workplace, or passengers in an airport. It helps to reduce the need for passwords and ID cards that can easily be stolen, sold or lost. Instead, all a person needs to verify their identity is themselves. Biometrics use biological or physical measurements to confirm who someone is and allow them access, in terms of facial recognition, this may include the distance from their chin to their forehead or the shape of their ears.

Benefits for your business

There are so many benefits of using biometric authentication within a business that are advantageous for a range of people and situations. These benefits include:

Higher security

Biometric authentication dramatically boosts security for a range of circumstances, whether that be airport security or the safety of staff on a building site. It is not possible to replicate another person’s identity through this type of authentication, as it is directly unique to each individual. This reduces the opportunity for criminal activity, such as theft or intrusion. With this type of technology, no longer can an individual steal another person’s password or ID card. This helps to reduce the risk of an intruder entering a building who is not supposed to be there or have data stolen.

Nowadays, passwords or ID cards alone do not fully protect a business as they can easily be stolen or copied, leaving a company vulnerable to threats. Most people have easily guessable passwords like repetitive numbers or birthdays, often this can open a gateway for hackers or data breaches to occur. Biometrics reduces the chance of this happening as it takes away the need for passwords.


These readers help to reduce access to a restricted site, with only verified personnel being allowed into a particular area. Using facial recognition or a fingerprint scanner controls who can get into appropriate spaces, whether that be a room, construction site or a particular level of a building. It also offers a timekeeping solution, when employees access a site it can monitor the time and track the amount of time they have worked for.


Forgotten passwords or ID cards are often a burden on a support or customer service team, taking up valuable time to solve this issue, meaning operational efficiency is improved and laborious tasks are cut down. For management, employees and customers, it saves time by not having to put codes or passwords into a device, instead, this technology boosts efficiency.

Seamless user experience

One large benefit is the quick and convenient process that biometrics offers users. It provides a simple and seamless journey along different touchpoints. The process is very user friendly even for the lesser tech-savvy people, no passwords or cards need to be remembered. Physical features are simply matched to a database, which allows a person access.

Increased productivity

With biometrics offering a simple method of authentication, it helps to speed up tasks and simplify processes. Less time will be spent on mundane issues and more time can be spent on the real task at hand, boosting productivity. As well as this, employees and management can be held accountable. Their time can be easily monitored which helps see who is performing well and there will be no disputes in the number of hours a person has worked, as it is all accounted for.

Biometric authentication is a future proof piece of technology and is highly beneficial for a range of businesses for a variety of reasons.