The Best Practices to Help You Boost Conversions With Call Tracking

Boost Conversions With Call Tracking

Conversions are all that matter. They are the bread and butter that will keep your business afloat. You need marketing strategies that convert, and a reliable call tracking software might be the solution for you.

Call tracking is never utilized the same exact way from business to business.. However, with enough trial-and-error, there are a few things that have been reputed to work every time.

  • Have different users calling different phone numbers to reach you, as you track each call seamlessly.
  • Get a call log to display all the statistics you’re looking for.
  • Connect the call tracking service with a CRM system to manage information sharing better.

The Top Strategies to Help You Get More Conversions with Call Tracking

If your objective is to get as many conversions as possible with the help of call tracking, here are a few practices that you can follow. Depending on your business needs, you may want to use one or more of the following strategies.

1. Introduce a call-now button on your Facebook campaign/profile

This works best if you’re targeting customers on social media. Facebook’s business model dictates that an individual can link up their businesses contact number into their campaign, which makes it easier for the customer to get in touch with them. The process is only one step and will help generate more traffic. Intelligent call routing is what you should be looking for.

2. Look to retarget customers

This practice is for customers that have already interacted with your brand. What happens in this scenario is that after the first call, you’ll have all of their relevant information. The next time the customer runs a search, you can introduce a bid to contact the business directly from the ad. If the customer is a good lead, which you would have already figured out based on your previous interaction, then there’s a high probability that it will result in a conversion.

3. Expand service to similar audiences

This methodology works in conjunction with the last one. By carefully evaluating and recognizing the trends followed by current customers, you can figure out potential customers you can target. Once you have an idea, you can opt to target lookalike audiences via similar web content and incentives.

4. Utilize caller data to prioritize customers

By using caller data via the help of call tracking software, you’ll know which customers to exclude from your campaigns. This will help your business save a lot of time and money. The general rule is to exclude current customers or those with whom you’ve already talked to in the past. This will ensure that you don’t waste impressions and that you invest your time where it matters most – in new customers.

5. Offer a direct-call option on landing page/website

If a client is interested in your service or business, then he/she is more likely to contact you for further assistance if they see the caller button nearby. You can add the call button in a variety of different settings, such as in the header, or a permanent footer call button. Furthermore, you can also add a call option into your web forms.

6. Optimize your web content

Not all web content has the potential to attract the mass populace. Try to follow the major trends and design your web content to adhere to them, while also being on brand. Targeting who are aware of such trends can lead to more calls and conversions later on.

7. Utilize a variety of CTA buttons

Nothing is more likely to get the attention of a user than a Call-To-Action (CTA) button. You can add a wide variety of different mini-statements that are bound to get the user’s attention, such as, ‘Get your free quote!’ or ‘Download now!’ This will help you generate quick calls and increase contact with your potential customers.

8. Use testimonials to build trust

Get in touch with previous or current clients and ask them to give testimonials about your service. By sharing these stories, potential customers are likely to be more attracted to your product and get in touch with your service. This helps humanize your business and will lead to increased conversions.


Remember, these practices aren’t applicable in all settings. You have to actively engage in a trial-and-error sequence to find out what works best for your business.  Doing so will help you better understand what leads to more conversions in your line of work. Then you can actively choose to integrate what’s above in your campaign!

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