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The Main Areas of a Human Resource Department

Contrary to popular belief, human resources is not just a one-dimensional sector of a company.  Some people are under the notion that all they do is deal with people that have work conflicts.  Other people think that they just recruit for employees to fill positions.

Those are just a few examples of what they do, but there is much more to human resources at most companies.  Below are a few of the biggest areas that they have an impact on.


HR is largely responsible for working with managers to develop employees to be more effective at their jobs.  Also, at elite companies they value the professional skills that an employee has.  They can improve their overall professional life by doing training for topics such as networking and soft skills.

The development side of HR is vital for any company to keep improving their current employees and improving the culture.


HR is also vital for making sure that each employee has their safety and protection in order.  This side of human resources is especially important for any industries that have dangerous work or work with hazardous objects.

HR should always make sure that the employee’s best interests are in mind and that everyone is safe.


Recruiting and making sure that the company has amazing candidates is super important for the growth of the company.  Staffing is one of the biggest functions that every human resource department should focus on.

Staffing is obviously very important and will continue to be something that should be a main focus at all times.  The recruiting world is so competitive that it needs constant attention to be successful and bring in new talent.


Human resource employees are responsible for making competitive wages and making sure that their pay is comparable to other jobs in the industry.  If an HR department is out of touch with the market, they could be paying employees too much or too little.

Developing a great pay structure and base pay is especially important for any company that is involved in sales and wants to motivate their salesmen to go above and beyond.  When employees are motivated by great compensation plans, it is going to positively affect the bottom line!

Employee Relations

The final part that I would like to point out is that they are bound to be workplace conflicts as a company expands.  The human resource department is like the judge and mediator of any conflicts.

Everyone needs to have any conflicts addressed because that is a large part of what makes a good workplace culture.  Any problems need to be resolved because the professional world does not have any place for workplace conflicts and problems.

Make sure that any HR department has a proper process for dealing with conflicts as they arise.  They are truly bound to happen if a company gets to a large number of employees.

There you have it for the main areas of human resources and what their purpose is.  Some new products on the market are actually improving the functions of a human resource department like the human resources system Brainy HR platform.


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