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Top 3 Benefits of Using an Amazon Marketing Agency

Any business owner who chooses to sell products on Amazon will tell you: it’s competitive out there. The world’s largest online marketplace sells everything from coffee machines to children’s toys, with roughly 15 million consumers subscribed to Amazon Prime in the UK alone. Combine this with the fact that there are over 9 million sellers on the marketplace around the world, and it’s easy to see why businesses are constantly fighting to stay on top of the competition.

Sometimes, competing with other businesses is more than any business owner or in-house team can deal with- luckily, they don’t have to. Thanks to specialised Amazon marketing agencies, businesses can focus on what matters most: selling products. Working with an Amazon agency allows brand owners to outsource most of their competitive needs to an external powerhouse with professional experience in winning marketplace strategies.

So, what can an Amazon marketing agency do for business owners?

1. Keep Up to Date with Amazon Policies, Trends, and Changes

While the marketplace may seem fairly static and unchanging to casual shoppers, Amazon is constantly evolving and improving its various processes. As such, it’s vital for all business owners to stay up to date with the latest developments. Working with an Amazon agency makes this process simple- after all, they are experts on all things Amazon.

Amazon marketing agencies can also brief business owners on the latest developments and updates, making it simpler to stay in tune with exactly what the most recent changes are and how they may affect one business over another. Having direct access to professional opinions also ensures a better overall understanding of Amazon’s internal processes, making it easy for business owners to collaborate with marketing experts to make the right decisions on the platform.

2. Leverage Knowledge of Amazon SEO to Boost Product Listings in Search Results

Many associate SEO with search engines like Google or Bing, but for those who choose to sell on Amazon, there is a different set of rules. The minutiae of how Amazon search rankings list products are best understood by those specialised marketing agencies who know how to reach the number one spot.

While many businesses are happy to pay for sponsored preferences in search rankings and paid advertisements around the marketplace, working with an Amazon marketing agency can help businesses to begin ranking organically in search results.

Many agencies will focus on optimising product listings and titles, as well as for deciding what keywords to target and which items are worth investing in as part of advertisements.

3. Work Best with Amazon Marketing Tools and Amazon FBA

By using Amazon FBA services, your products can receive a ‘prime’ label (and the associated appeal), as well as storage in an Amazon fulfillment centre and next-day shipping. By having an experienced agency handle direct dealings with Amazon FBA, a business no longer has to worry about product packaging, shipping, and distribution to consumers- this is all handled by Amazon and potentially overseen by agency experts.

Other Amazon-affiliated tools, such as AMZBase or AMZFinder, can help businesses to grow and formulate good strategies for the future. The former tool is used primarily to find growth opportunities for new products, while the latter is geared more towards managing reviews. By allowing an Amazon marketing agency to use these specialised tools, the chances of success on the platform are greatly increased.


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