Top Li-Fi Companies

The increasing requirements for better security, connectivity, bandwidth, and swift data transfer is augmenting the development and endorsement of Li-Fi technology. According to the report of MRFR (Material Research Future), an increase in the number of Li-Fi companies and progress In the Li-Fi technology has been visibly noticed.

Vital companies, like, Philips and General Electric, have started to invest in the Li-Fi technology and are collaborating with the significant Li-Fi companies. Due to this, stupendous market growth has been noticed. An increase of 70% CAGP during the forecast period is also expected. This prodigious development in the Li-Fi technology and Li-Fi companies is due to Li-Fi’s potential to provide a speed 100 times faster than that provided by a Wi-Fi connection. Companies like LightBee and Velemenni are driving more rapid growth in the market due to the economical nature of LED lights and light bulbs.

What is Li-Fi?

Light fidelity or Li-Fi serves as a wireless optical networking technology that uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for data transmission. It uses LED bulbs commonly used everywhere, to modulate light imperceptibly for optical data transmission by an outfitted chip. Data transferred by an LED bulb is received by a photoreceptor presented in the device to connect them to the internet.

Li-Fi technology has proved to be useful in Automotive, military and defense, underwater communications, aerospace and aviation, healthcare, indoor networking, retail, electronics, and other areas as well. Some Li-Fi devices manufactured by major Li-Fi companies are LED lamps, LED panels, USB sticks, desk light, photodiode, PCB, etc.

Key Player Li-Fi companies

The major Li-Fi companies playing a significant part in the development of the Li-Fi technology are:

General Electric (US)

ESONA Networks (UK)

LightBee Corporation (US)

Velmenni (Tartu)

Light Pointi Communications, Inc. (US)

Acuity Brands, Inc. (US)

Panasonic corporations (Japan)

PurLifi limited (UK)

Oledcomm (France)

Koninklijke Philips NV (the Netherlands)

Top Li-Fi companies and their contributions

Few of the well known Li-Fi companies with their contributions are:


PureLifi is a private company formed in 2012 in the United Kingdom. Purelifi came out from the University of Edinburg, where its initiation of research in visible light communication has been in development since 2008 as part of the D-light project. The object of pureLifi is to sort out the global struggle of a secure, reliable, and high-speed communication network that integrates data and lightening utility framework and reduces the consumption of energy.


A private company founded in 2013 in Estonia. Jugnu, their contribution in the field of Li-Fi, is a smart LED bulb that can transfer data through visible light. It points out to a wireless communication system that uses light for transportation in place of traditional radio frequencies.

VLN comm LLC:

It is a private company from the USA. Its solution proffers a substitute to Wi-Fi by making use of optical energy for wireless connectivity by integrating access points into the light.


It’s a private company in France. HAVR extends us the world’s first and at present the only Li-Fi smart access solution, BrightLock. It lets anyone open any door with their smart phone’s flash.


It is a Spanish private company having an excellent background team in VLC Technology. They offer Li-Fi lamps that consume significantly low power and provide a long operational life. These lamps are used as emitters of communication without losing their primary function as light sources.

To Be Srl:

The company, To BE Srl, is an Italy based innovative startup that projects, develops, and sells Li-Fi-LoT solutions.


A UAE based startup that was established in December 2017 provides a wireless connection through the light spectrum rather than radiofrequency. It is creating new opportunities in aviation industries, providing a low cost but faster solution for connectivity between devices for LoT.


A France based company founded in 2012, are known as the Li-Fi leaders. They began their journey in 2005in a university lab. They have served more than a decade in this field and have grown as a technology leader with global ambitions.


It is also a France based company founded in October 2012, that designs, produces and markets Li-Fi solutions.

The li-Fi market report was interpreted for the entire world. The market of Li-Fi is expected to grow fastest in the Asia Pacific during the forecast period. North America is expected to account for the largest share of the Li-Fi technology market due to the high demand for energy-efficient devices and the fast speed of communication of data. Also, due to the well-established infrastructure of the Li-F companies, the region of North America is expected to have significant growth in Li-Fi technologies. Such conditions power the growth of the market and also technological advancements.

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