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Trading Online? Don’t Neglect Your Security!


Security while trading online is one of the aspects commonly neglected by traders, especially those who are just getting started in this world. Markets are turbulent, causing traders to focus on many issues at once, but you should not forget the basics, and keeping your account safe is definitely one of them.

Financial markets are currently challenging. Sovereign bond yields have been rising throughout 2021 and that is keeping volatility high. Coping with such conditions is not easy, but the focus today will be on how to be attentive to security issues, and for that, 4 insightful tips will be provided.

#1 Work with a reputable broker

Whether you like it or not, trading is not really possible without a brokerage account. There is fierce competition over every trader nowadays, thanks to the number of providers currently offering services. This ensure that you can find an online broker which can provide a safe and secure trading experience, at attractive costs.

Reputable brokers that carry licenses and are authorized by multiple regulators should be preferred. These brands usually have a large customer base, so they can easily be spotted and selected over others. In doing that, you ensure that you work with a company that has a solid track record and will be able to provide a strong security infrastructure.

#2 Use advanced trading software

Trading various financial assets cannot be done without a proper platform. There are many different solutions, some designed by the online brokers themselves and others embraced by the community (such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5). All of these can be used for commodities, stocks, or even currencies, but the questions you should be asking is how security is handled and how privacy is protected. Encryption and personal data protection are just two of the variables you will need to consider.

#3 Use tools that protect against high volatility

While trading online, you will be taking risks. This is how the industry functions and you need to get used to it. Still, professionals take calculated risks and they use different tools to protect against sudden bursts of volatility.

Working with a brokerage such as easyMarkets grants access to several tools that are designed for that purpose – to protect customers during times of turbulence in the market. That’s when the average trader is the most vulnerable since spreads can widen, trade execution gets poorer, and they might be unable to get in or out at their desired price.

#4 Keep trading details private

Unless you have a joint trading account, the only person who knows the account details should be you. That is where you will be keeping most of your funds and in case anyone else gains access, your money can be in serious danger.

It would also be appropriate to set up a strong password and keep it safe, as well as not to save any details in the browser. Password managers are ideal tools and, luckily for you, there are even free solutions on the market. This software uses different encryption algorithms and even if someone hacks into your computer, it would be difficult for the culprit to access the encrypted data.