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Types of Tech Tools to Help Lawyers

If you’re still not making use of technology as a lawyer, you’re missing out. There are so many helpful tools for lawyers! Tech tools like Lawcator are helping legal professionals in many ways, from enabling them to work remotely to giving them access to big repositories of knowledge. Use technology to gain a better understanding of your jurisdiction and the U.S. Constitution, and employ project management software to keep track of your projects.

That’s not all! Here are some more popular types of tech tools that help lawyers do their job.

Project management software

Regardless of whether you’re working from home or from the office, you need to have a good overview of everything that’s going on with your projects. As a lawyer, you’re probably working with several clients at the same time. Though you might be able to keep a drawer of paperwork organized, your system will fail once you add more clients to it.

Project management software allows you to maintain an overview of all the projects at once. You can see what’s next on the to-do list for each project, check if everything is going according to the plan, track progress, and set reminders. The best part is, you can even upload relevant documentation and push it through all the stages of approval in minutes.

Share documents with colleagues, work on projects, and never leave the comfort of your desk. Add to that the ability to track billable hours and invoice your clients, and you’ve got yourself a package deal.

Video conferencing tools

As more and more people are turning to remote work, video conferencing tools are becoming our saviors. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic people were using Zoom and Skype to record meetings, and connect with clients and colleagues all over the world. Now, video conferencing tools have become a necessity for every lawyer.

Each company has its own preference when it comes to video chatting. Whatever your video conferencing tool of choice is, cherish it and learn how to make use of all of its capabilities.

Cloud-based document repository

A document repository can be a part of your project management tool or a separate application. Cloud-based document repositories allow you to store all kinds of documents in one place. You can think of it as not being tied to a physical place, so you never really run out of space, as long as you keep paying for storage.

With a wholesome tool like that, everyone can access all the documents they need from any place in the world using any mobile device. When it comes to your folders, you can choose who to give access to. Retract access at any point.

If you keep all of your documentation in one place, nothing will get lost or misplaced. You can replace an old version of a document with a new one right away to avoid having 5 slightly different versions floating around.

Legal writing software

Legal writing software is very useful in a tandem with document management systems. It can help you proofread and edit contracts and other legal documents. Think of all the hours you’ve spent reading through contract templates just to capitalize one letter and change one number. Legal writing software can help you spot mistakes by highlighting all the important details that need to be checked. It can even suggest easy fixes that you can implement with just one click.

If you’re already using templates, which you should be doing, you really don’t need to spend more than a few minutes proofreading them.

Technology is meant to make your job easier and give you time to focus on more important tasks that cannot be automated. Nobody has the time to sort through paperwork and make unscheduled phone calls. Let software take care of that! Treat technology as your ally, and it will decrease your workload.



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