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What Are The Advantages Of Automated Time Tracking Applications

Tracking the work hours of remote employees is a necessity in the present world, for which organizations are in dire need of a reliable time tracking app. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the traditional modes of business and forced organizations to adapt to restrictions for controlling the virus. Consequently, despite initial reluctance, eventually, all companies have had to resort to a remote working model.

Earlier, when the entire workforce used to function out of the same location, keeping track of work hours and employee efforts often involved manual processes, like punching cards or scanning IDs while entering the premises. However, with the new normal of working remotely, when all employees are scattered across geographical locations, manual tracking of time is no longer feasible. Besides, manual efforts for employee time tracking are always cumbersome at the end of the day. Not to mention that manual time tracking applications hold the chances of bearing multiple errors.

On the other hand, automated time tracking is swift and seamless. And of course, it eliminates the probability of human errors, thereby yielding better precision of data. This is why businesses prefer the high accuracy and efficiency delivered by automated time tracking applications.

What is meant by automated time tracking applications? 

Automated time tracking applications have largely simplified the process of time and effort tracking for employees in an organization. In the case of manual timesheets, employees have to enter their login and log out times manually, and even write notes about the things that they have done throughout the day.

However, with the automated system, the application will track it all for the employee using Artificial Intelligence and then create timesheets accordingly. Automatically, the hassles of manual entry are gone, and the data recorded is also accurate.

Advantages of automated time tracking apps

There are various benefits of using automated applications for tracking employee time and efforts. Here are a few of the benefits.

  • A higher degree of accuracy – It can be a hassle for the employees to write about the times they were working in the office and jot down every minute detail with respect to the time spent. It goes without saying that manual timesheets often end up containing a lot of guesswork due to obvious reasons. And finally, the data recorded is not always foolproof. But automated time trackers involve no human intervention. With these automated apps, the data entered are accurate, and obviously, there is very little chance of misrepresenting time.
  • Reduces wastage of time – Entering timesheets manually will invariably waste a lot of time, which your employees could have otherwise spent on productive tasks for which they are actually hired. Automatic time trackers are designed exactly to reduce such overhead tasks. Nowadays, automatic timesheets come with integrated Artificial Intelligence modules. With the help of AI, timesheets are now generated automatically, without requiring any effort from the human resources of an organization. This automation has freed the employees of this rigorous task of logging hours and efforts by themselves. Instead, they can now focus better on the core functional area without distraction.
  • Easy processing for the management – With manual time tracking comes errors that keep accumulating until payday arrives. And then we can all imagine how complicated and messy things can become when we try to correct every minute calculation and end up with delayed invoicing and late payments. Automated time trackers and timesheets are a blessing in this context too! These automatic timesheets help to limit invoicing delays at the end of a month. Late timesheets are a common problem when the process is manual, but with the automated system, employees will have to spend only a few minutes reviewing the draft. The automatic app also enables the employees to set up a reminder to approve the timesheet before the invoicing deadlines.
  • Attention to details – The automatic time tracking apps can also reveal the minutest details that are otherwise very difficult to follow in manual systems. It can help you account for those additional billable hours like travel for work, client calls, delayed meetings, and so on. You will also be able to address your productive efficiency as the automated system will show different kinds of workflows that you are involved with.

Apart from these, automatic time tracking applications are indeed a great choice if you want to understand your employees’ productivity at a glance, in the form of reports. And the best thing about these apps is they are very accurate and above all transparent. You can use them in a hassle-free way without much effort. The system generates the report automatically that you can easily save for future references. These can indeed enforce a more robust and reliable relationship between the employees and the organization.


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