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What Are the Main Responsibilities to the Importer of Records?

Importing goods is a challenging task. One must comply with the product labeling, safety, and other compliance rules and regulations. An importer of records has many responsibilities to ensure a smooth process when importing goods. For exports, one should reach out to the company that provides an Exporter of Record services to ensure compliance with the set export rules and regulations. Importing is more challenging than exporting since most countries encourage the exportation of goods. But import trade requires professionalism, and an importer of records will make the process easier.

Responsibilities to the importer of records

1. Provide imports information at the customs

An importer of records should have a thorough knowledge of the customs protocols. They should provide the relevant customs information and ensure that it is accurate to avoid further examination by customs authorities. Though they have the right to request a customs broker deal with the customs authorities, most importers of record file import information to avoid extra costs.

2. Shipment bond

For goods worth over 2500 dollars, an importer of record should take cover for such shipment. That way, they reduce the risk of loss or damage of goods while at the customs. Depending on the importer of record one chooses, the imports may stay at the customs port for a longer time. But professional importers of record know the procedures and will have your goods clear in a short period.

3. Product classification

Product classification will help the authorities know what customs duty applies if any. An importer of records should be familiar with the international product classification code system.  They should also be familiar with the specific code system for the country of import.

4. Get details of the Products country of origin

Documenting information on the country of origin makes work very easy at the customs. Such information is crucial to determine whether free trade agreement applies to the goods, verify that the goods are within the quota rules, and if they pass the anti-dumping and countervailing regulations.  The importer of records should make sure there is correct labeling and marking as per the customs requirements.

5. Guard intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to inventions, symbols, artistic work, or designs in the business.   The importer of record must ensure that importing the products does not infringe the intellectual property rights. They will ensure that the goods trademark is genuine and that the trademark holder has granted permission. The importer of records checks the company’s intellectual property details, and confirms with the supplier that the necessary licenses for the goods are available.  An import regulatory consultant can offer insights on the intellectual property of imports.

An importer of record should make accurate declarations at the customs, know the rules the imports may be subject to, and adhere to them, and ensure all documentation regarding licenses and business procedures as per the regulations are in place. When you get a professional importer of records, importation becomes easy and reduces costs. It also makes the process faster; hence business operations run smoothly, which leads to more profitability.


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