Video editing was probably one of the toughest jobs that required highly special skills and proper set of tools. Not everyone could do video editing properly. Hence, the ones specialized in it had great demands. In the old times of cassette and tapes, video editing was also done by segregating different clips of the shots together and then stitching them together. It was a work of great dedication, and it was also very much time consuming. Slowly and steadily, different applications and services started coming out with video editing services. Clipchamp Create is one of the finest video editing apps at present. The main aim of all these apps and services were to provide video editing capabilities in a much simpler and easier manner.

The formats have changed a lot, and at present, video editing is mainly done in the various formats in which digital video is recorded nowadays. There are many brilliant video making and editing applications out there. However, they charge a ridiculous amount of fees for getting their services. Hence, many people are not able to afford such video editing services. This is where Clipchamp Create comes in.

Clipchamp Description

Clipchamp Create is one of the finest creations of Clipchamp, and the application is an extremely useful maker and editor of videos, which is accompanied with an easy to understand interface. If you are the type of user who wants to create or edit videos for entertainment purposes, try to make short and creative stills or films, or try to make a promotional video, Clipchamp Create is there to help. In this application, you will get all the required service that you need for a professional video editing session.

The app Clipchamp Create comes with video editing services which are all inclusive. You can also compress the videos and convert them into different formats as per your choice. You will get the pre-installed services of sharing and privacy, and the overall video editing experience is very smooth.

Clipchamp Team

One of the main reasons for the success of Clipchamp Create is the immense hard work of the Clipchamp team behind the scenes. The platform available at Clipchamp Create is extremely user friendly and simple. Therefore, even the absolute beginners will have no problem using this tool.

Alex Dreiling, the CEO of Clipchamp said that the product development team of Clipchamp has been working very hard for the last few months, and that the community is growing. According to him, it had a major role to play for the success of Clipchamp Create.

Anyone who is accustomed to promotional videos related to marketing knows the pain of sitting for hours to create a video footage of minutes. For Vloggers, or Video Bloggers, it is very much important to edit videos professionally and in a quick succession. It can be extremely frustrating to sit at the end of the day, and wait for compression, conversion, and uploading the file after it is finished. With Clipchamp Create, you will be able to do all these things quickly and easily.

Simplification with Clipchamp

The video editor Clipchamp Create is a very unique and easy to use video editing service. The video editing services are available in the browser itself, and it has all the necessary tools that you would need to make a professional video edit. Even a person who has never edited a video before will be able to edit videos with Clipchamp Create.

Clipchamp CEO Dreiling continues to say that the process has been simplified as much as possible. To make it even user friendly, the drag and drop function is available to the users. This means that you can simply select a video file and drop it in the navigation bar to start editing it. The editing tools included are also top notch, and even professionals may not find anything is missing.

Since the interface of Clipchamp Create is very easy to understand, the production, recording, distribution, and segregation of the videos can all be done in one place. Another best part about Clipchamp Create is that it can be used fully in the browser. That means you will be able to edit a video fully while being online. Hence, there is no need to install any software and no need to pay highly expensive fees to get access as well. Clipchamp Create uses a very unique styled approach. In this case, the video files cannot be uploaded before editing is started on them. Hence, the editing process takes place smoothly and quickly.

Clipchamp Features

The service of Clipchamp Create is going to be enhanced by the inclusion of the all new option of cloud storage. Here, the users will also be able to store their finished videos, or store their partially edited videos to be completed later. With the browser, storing these videos in cloud storage is very beneficial.

Other than this, all of the essential tools required for video editing are all present in Clipchamp Create. These include the tools that are required for rotating, cropping, cutting, splitting, flipping, and trimming videos. Other than these features, the other basic features such as putting up the filters, adjusting the colors, saturation, and brightness are also present.

There are further advanced video editing tools that are present in Clipchamp Create. These include the manipulation of the color balance, changing the different backgrounds, setting up the transitions, speeding up videos or slowing them down, and addition of texts and objects on the background.

Clipchamp Subscriptions

Clipchamp Create is not like the other paid services. You can easily have all the facilities of Clipchamp Create without paying anything. The basic video editing features are completely free of cost. However, if you are a professional video editor and need something extra and absolutely top notch, then you should go for the premium Clipchamp Create services.

The premium services of Clipchamp Create can be obtained by paying 9 dollars per month, which is the starting plan. Users can also pay the higher premium plans, which include the 19 dollars and 39 dollars per month plan. You can also pay annually, in which the fee required is 6.25 dollars per month. You can check the pricing plans for Clipchamp Create video editor here.

Clipchamp Premium

As for the premium subscribers of Clipchamp Create, they get a lot of extra facilities which are highly beneficial. For starters, the premium users will get direct library access. From this library, the premium users can get stock footage assets over 40,000. These include the background, audio, and video of course, for the users of the 39 dollars per month premium plan. As for the other premium plan users, they will also get a discount regarding the access of stock audio and video files.

The other premium features available on paying to use Clipchamp Create include-

  • Videos can be exported in both standard definition and 480p and in high definition¬† (720p) and Full HD (1080p) as well.
  • Increased cloud storage facilities.
  • Watermark-free usage of stock video, branding and picture-in-picture features
  • No limit on the number of videos to be edited.

It is quite evident from the words of Dreiling, the CEO of Clipchamp that the use of Clipchamp Create is to make video editing look like the simplest thing ever. Clipchamp Create has been successfully able to do so at present. It does not matter which type of video you create or where you use it. You will not be finding any kind of hassle while editing the video.

Clipchamp Other Features

The other features of Clipchamp Create are provided below.

  1. Power & Simplicity

The balance of power and simplicity is well seen in Clipchamp Create. You will be easily able to combine and trim videos, with addition of different music tracks or sound. The aspect ratios can be changed to, so that the cropped videos remain at par with the rest of the video. Users will also be able to add multiple effects, filters, titles, and background. Even with so many useful tools, the interface of Clipchamp Create has been kept minimal. Therefore using Clipchamp Create even when you have never edited a video before will feel great.

  1. Extremely Quick Processing

The upload time and the processing speed of Clipchamp Create is what set it apart from the other competitions. Any new user will be absolutely amazed by the upload speed. This is possible because the power and processing is actually occurring at the computer, even when the user is only using Clipchamp Create in the browser. As a result, compression, cropping, uploading, and exporting is extremely fast. A video recorder tool is also available with Clipchamp Create, which uses the web camera of the computer to record videos. These videos can also be uploaded in your edited videos.

  1. No Limit at Exporting

There is no limit for exporting videos at Clipchamp Create. As for the free users, videos can be exported at 480p resolution even with no watermarks on them. If you are a premium user, you will be able to export your videos in 720p and even 1080p. The library of Clipchamp has a great collection of audio and video content that can be used in various video projects. These types of edits will contain a watermark for the free users though.


Therefore, we can clearly see that using Clipchamp Create has a lot of significant advantages over other video editing services. The integration of the proper resources and tools on Clipchamp Create has been done in an excellent manner. As a result, the online video editing capabilities available at Clipchamp is way ahead of its competitors. The technology used in this video maker is quite unique, and it is even more attractive due to its fast, private, and reliable nature.

With easy editing and numerous free features, the video exporting, compressing, trimming, creating, and editing service experienced at Clipchamp Create will be absolutely different. It is definitely one of the best online video makers at present.


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