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Custom Software Development vs. Packaged Software

These two terms- custom software and packaged software may seem similar yet are both different. This post focuses on the key differences and points out the best one for you.

Packaged Software

This is commercial software that is typically obtainable to the public, and it is sold at overt costs. Computer technicians usually create it. Here are some of its features;

It is typically a combination of programs put together to cater publicly with various tools in the same group.

  • Its cost is relatively low.
  • They have an easy interface, thus easy to use.
  • Profitability and market sharing are measures of success.
  • It has poor-benchmarking as a result of its size.
  • Anyone can buy and use it since it is available in the market.
  • It cannot be modified.


Custom software is an advanced solution developed for a specific purpose for a startup. Here areits variouscharacteristics:

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  • It is a suitable development for your startup- you see, a business requires a solution that is tailored as per your startup and its uniqueness. You would not want to strive to adapt to a specified tool that is not custom-made for your business.
  • Its cost is higher than the packaged alternative. However, its cost benefits relation is much higher. It may sound better to buy already created software, but the best option would be custom software due to its long-term benefits.
  • Custom software is easily adaptable- you see, you do not beg for your product to be upgraded or even improved. Choose custom software because it is highly flexible.
  • It is objectively developed- you see, custom software is purposely created for a specific need. And the good part is that you can communicate with the developers during the creation period. Thus, it is the best tool for your kind of business.
  • It is such an asset- see, it is possible to license the creation of the software. This makes it possible for you to sell it if you wish. Thus, custom software is a particular asset that adds value to your business.
  • It helps you stand out- the best approach in the competitive market is to stand out. However, this is not readily achievable if you utilize standard tools. Thus, custom software helps improve the image of your business and position it where others cannot easily reach.
  • It is safer- you must have heard or read about attempt hackings — most of such hackers target the vulnerabilities of some used program. But for the custom option, the target users are limited; thus, it is less vulnerable to threats.


Bottom line

You can always choose the best software for your business. You have seen that your business requires a tailor-made program that suits all your business requirements. However, the choice is upon you. You can always come back here to review the differences to make an informed decision.


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