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Grafix Softech Studio Review: A Powerful Photo Editor for Windows

It’s always nice to take photos of anything that captures your attention and most of the time, you probably always end up wanting to edit the photos you’ve taken to emphasize what you want everyone else to see.

Adobe Photoshop has always been the go-to of many professionals when it comes to photo editing, but admit it, it’s a tough software to master. Aside from that, it’s quite expensive and if you don’t really have a career in photography, it’s simply not worth purchasing.

However, if you’re someone who’s into photography and is looking for an easier way to edit photos and an alternative for Adobe Photoshop, we found Grafix Softech as a photo editor software that may interest you. Here’s what we think of it and why it’s worth the purchase.


As mentioned, Photoshop can be expensive as you’ll need to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. If you’re someone who will only use a photo editor casually, you can always use free photo editors, but the truth is that it probably won’t have the features that Photoshop offers.

Grafix Softech’s photo editing software, on the other hand, has your favorite Photoshop features. It has the clone stamp, burn, dodge, magic wand, and magnetic lasso photo editing tools. Basically, you can do what Photoshop can do to your photo with this software at a lower price.

User-Friendly Software Interface

What’s really enjoyable and amusing when it comes to using this photo editing software is how it’s easy to use. Other photo editor software may have you look for how-to videos online to be able to effectively use it, but this software is straight-forward.

You can use the features mentioned above without feeling like it’s a complicated process. It’s simply an easy tone curve to retouch your photos based on the specifications you want.

With this, you can also create sophisticated and professional graphic images that you can use for your physical and digital advertisements and marketing materials like banner ads and flyers without the need to learn how to use an extremely technical photo editing software.

You can basically launch this software and learn as you experience all its features without the help of anybody. It’s simply easy to remove parts of the photo or even duplicate anything without taking a lot of time.

The features that this editor has that are useful for creating graphic contents are adding and editing texts, creating clipping masks and the text-warp and transformation features. You can also doodle or scribble on your photos with this if you want to add colors and fun images on your file.

Bulk Photo Editing

Being able to edit photos in bulk is something that free photo editing tools that most likely do not offer. However, Grafix Softech’s photo editor allows you to do this. This can definitely help you save a lot of time if you’re trying to edit many photos.

If you’re a freelance photographer who covers weddings or any events and promises to deliver the same-day output of the event coverage, this can be very handy for you. Also, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to save the changes you made as this automatically saves your file. Every edit that you do on a photo is automatically saved and updated.

Multiple File Type Compatibility

Another great and useful features that this photo editing software that we really love is being able to edit and save files in different formats. You can import and export different types when you edit your photos.

You are allowed to import PSD files and RAW format photos here too. When exporting photos, you can do it in JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, TIF/TIFF, GIF, and EPS formats. Surely, you can use this editor to create something fun like relatable GIFs that you can post on your favorite social media platforms.


Overall, the Grafix Softech photo editing software is worth its price. It’s a one-time purchase software that can be used by professionals and casual photo editors.

Grafix Softech has always been reliable in terms of delivering fantastic software solutions to marketers and designers. It’s a company you’d love to trust in terms of this.

The Grafix Softech Photo editing software can be installed on multiple devices, so definitely, it’s worth purchasing. Do note that this photo editing software isn’t available to use without a license so make sure that you only download it on the official site.


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