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How to Choose Video Editing Software?


In recent years, with the advancement in internet speed, videos have become the most engaging content on social media platforms. The reasons are simple, they are more informative, descriptive, addictive, entertaining and most importantly they are easily consumable.

Earlier video shooting and editing were done only by the professionals. Now because of the social media’s influence, every other person has become a video content creator. So, the importance and need for video editing software has grown exponentially.

But before choosing any video editor, you have to first decide for what purpose you need that software. There are several ways to decide on it. Let us discuss them.

Knowing your Level

The one way to decide on which software to choose is by knowing on which level you exist. Video editing software are categorised into 3 levels based on purpose and usage. The Beginner Software, the Novice Software and the Professional Software.

(1) Beginner Video Editing Software

If you need an editor just for editing the video for your social media content or you need to edit some home video, then the Beginner Video Editing Software will be enough for you.

Generally, the beginner software contains only the basic functions such as trimming the video from front or end, adding filters, adding a title, adding/changing background sound and merging the multiple videos. They are mostly free to use.

These software programs will not allow you to trim a video clip from the middle.

The title screen will be basic, not many options to configure. If you are using a digital camcorder, the software that comes with it will be sufficient.

Personally, I was intrigued by this review and tried Movavi myself. It turned out to be good for personal to casual video editing demands.

(2) Novice Video Editing Software

Novice Software for video editing comes with some advanced options along with all the options of Beginner level.

You have options to edit video on a more granular level. You can add text throughout the video. You have options to add from a wide variety of transitions.

Some example includes Apple iMovie, Apple Final Cut Express, and Windows Movie Maker. Apart from Windows Movie Maker, rest all are paid and can cost up to $100.

(3) Professional Video Editing Software

Professional Editors are for those people who are being paid for editing or who are running a video editing business.

Professional Video Editing Software will provide you more control over the editing options. A wide range of special effects will be available, including transitions, filters, and 3D effects.

You will have the option to edit the video by simply dragging and dropping. These editors will also allow you to export the video in any format and high resolution such as 720p, 1080p, and 4k.

Examples of professional video editing software include Apple Final Cut Studio Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas Pro. They will cost you up to $1000.

Try Trial Version Before Buying

Many software comes with the free trial version for a limited period of time. So, before deciding on buying a video editing software, first, try its free version. It is the best option when you have to work only on a single project for a limited time.

iMovie and Windows Movie Maker come pre-installed in macOS and Windows OS, respectively. They contain sufficient options if you edit video just for a hobby. Even many professionals too prefer them for minor tweaking.

After trying the basic version or the trial version, if you need advanced options then you can simply buy its full version.

Use Add-ons

Instead of spending a huge amount on a single software, try adding the add-ons on the basic ones. The best advantage is that you only have to spend on the features you want for your project. Your software bundle will also be light and there will be a lot less confusion while using the editor.

So, if you have to buy a professional video editing software, check whether it has the feature of adding the external add-ons or not.

Technical Support

For any software company having a technical support team is a must. It becomes more essential for a Video Editing Software making company.

Many times, even a professional get stuck in a loop, where the manual book doesn’t work and only technical support can get him out.

Many big companies run a forum for their product, where solutions to frequent problems are provided by the official technical experts.

So before deciding on buying Video Editing Software, make sure the company you choose has a strong base of technical support both online and offline.

Final Words

As mentioned at the beginning, because of the huge demand for video content, there is a Tsunami of video editing software in the market. You have a lot to choose from and only you can decide which best suits your work.

If you are a professional editor who gets lots of projects on a monthly basis, you can spend on buying a professional bundle of software.

If you do editing just for fun or a hobby basis, the free or less expensive options will be sufficient for you.