If you look technologically, the world is upgrading rapidly. Latest upgrades are in continuous motion. With time, you also need to upgrade your laptop for getting the smoothness you need while working.

RAM or random access memory, plays a great role in speeding up the device. According to your CPU factor, select the latest RAM. You may take a look at cpu reviews at https://www.techsiting.com/, for more details. Below down are the factors you need to consider before making a RAM selection.

Check the current RAM:

The bottlenecks of a laptop are mostly caused by lower memory. This ultimately leads to sluggish performance and makes the system unstable. To determine the RAM, firstly check your current RAM, that you are using.

If you are going for an upgrade, try to choose a RAM not less than 8GB. The reason behind the upgrade must be clear to you if you are doing it for the purpose of going, choose any RAM between 16Gb to 32GB.

But, if your purpose is to perform production work, select a 32GB RAM or higher to avoid latency while working.

DDR generation and SO-DIMM slots:

 One of the most important factors you must be aware of, before choosing the RAM for you, is the DDR generation. The DDR memory from the older generation will not be able to support the DDR memory of the latest generation and vice versa.

You cannot expect that a motherboard that consists of DDR4 SO-DIMM slots can be used for a DDR4 memory or the opposite. When we speak about the motherboard SO-DIMM slots, it is very much important to look at how many slots the motherboard is having.

It is also vital to know that some form-factor motherboards are comparatively smaller and come with only two slots. Make sure to buy memory sticks on the basis of your motherboard’s capacity.

Memory kits and RAM form factor:

 If your laptop is too old, it may show some heating issues, and the memory kits suffer incompatibility. The latest laptops come with cooling technology that avoids hanging of SO-DIMM slots. Get a potential RAM for you, so that your device does not get heated.

Check the cooling system also, and make sure that it does not interfere with the RAM. The RAM form-factor is an unavoidable factor because many people get confused with the two types, DIMM and SO-DIMM.

If you are going for an upgrade of your laptop, go for the SO-DIMM as the DIMM is for the desktop users, and may not be compatible for your device and cause damage to your system memory.

RAM speed:

 Frequency and Latency are the two components that determine a memory kit’s performance. The frequency of RAM is very similar to the frequency of CPU. For faster data processing of the memory, the frequency of the memory kit also must be a faster one.

Latency is referred to as the time gap between commanding and the time it is executed. To boost the performance of the system, a higher frequency RAM must be preferred. It also depends on the user, how he/ she is using the system.

Hence, you will need to determine the frequency that is perfect for you. You can do this by evaluating the programs that you need and the games you want to play.

OS limits:

Just like the CPU, the motherboard also has a RAM ceiling. But, if you are using the latest 64-bit unit, this limitation will not make much difference. This is because these units mostly support up to any of the RAM up to 64GB or 128GB.

The 9th generation Intel Core, and even the AMD Ryzen 3rd generation does so. As long as you are using the 64-bit unit, it is unnecessary to worry about the limitations of RAM.

If we talk about current situations, even gaming laptops or PCs do not require more than 16GB of RAM. But, in case if you are using an older device, you need to check and be sure.


 RAM is comparatively easy to upgrade, but do not put RAM much higher than you need. Also, take care of the budget and avoid spending money for an unnecessary upgrade.

Before picking up, check the system configuration of your laptop and check whether the RAM you are buying will be compatible with the system like clock speed. Or else, you will need to downgrade your other configuration, if you chose a higher RAM, due to error in, compatibility.


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