In today’s era, teenagers are using a mobile phone. When they want to know or get aware about anything- like social things, and about study so they only prefer the video. Video is the simple and best way to understand anything in detail. Some peoples are using the video to promote their brand or services. So in these days, a video becomes popular. Today various businessmen are looking for the best video production to increase their business. If you are also looking for the best video production nyc then read this article till the last. In this article, you will know about the types of video production and its process.

If you don’t have time to make it to promote your brand then you can hire any video production services. These services provide you the best video according to your demand while keeping in mind your brand as well. There are many benefits of hiring them. You can save you time, increases your brand value, increases traffic, and many more. So let’s start with its types.

Types of video production-

Video is a simple and easy way to convey any messages. There are different types of video production available for a different sector.

  1. Educational video- 

Educational video is the best to explain every concept and theory. This is an example of learning and teaching. Through the video, teachers explain more easily rather than reading off a page. There are different types of education videos like- remote online classroom instruction, online courses with video lessons, how-to training video, video lesson series, students tell and show video, animated explainer videos, webinar informational videos.

  1. Promotional video-

A promotional video is becoming very popular. The businessman is using video for marketing their products. Peoples are like today this video because it is short and provide more information in a short time. The promotional video is not the advertisement that we watch on the tv break. It totally depends on the viewer like they want to watch this video or skip. There are some examples of promotional video- talking head videos, unboxing videos, human resources videos, event videos, product review videos, announcement videos, etc.

  1. Informational videos-

These types of video provide you all current news but not deeply. It provides you information on the topic and tells you everything quickly. The best example of the informational video is journalism. Like they provide you all the information about what is going on in the proper location. Some common examples of informational video- public service announcements, interview questions, and answer video, socially share news snippets, television newscasts, streaming video online news website.

  1. Documentary video-

This video is made keeping in mind the historical effects, reality, education, etc. A documentary is a combination of information dispensing and entertainment both. The documentary has three main types like expository, observational, and participatory.

  1. Entertainment video-

The entertainment videos have serves scopes and it can be varied. Today on youtube, netflix, online you can find many entertainment videos. Some examples are- music video, youtube channel stars, reality show, solid media, travel video, comedy video, streaming services, and many more.

The process of video production

The process of video production

The process of video production complete in the three steps. Like first pre-production, then production and the last step post-production. The process of video production varies as per the content, budget, style, effort, and timeline. So let’s start its process.


This is the first step in video production and very important as well. The process of creating video totally depends on the preparation and setting of the groundwork. To start the process you have to focus on the- goal, budget, story, script, character, location, etc. In this process you need to discuss the purpose, strategy, and goal with the production team. And after that, you have to finalize the location, so visit the site or location. Before shooting your video you have to prepare your script as well. This is the first and most important step that you need to follow.


This is the second step of video productions. In this step, you have to look and set all the equipment that you will have to need in the process. Your director and producer look at all the artists. The video production team will be setting up the sounds, lighting, and video equipment. Next, they conduct an interview to select the character for making a video. During shooting the video they need to capture some photos of the location without the artist. It is important for the editing video. You can also click some pictures of an artist alone with the location. In this step, the video is completed.



This is the last step of video production. In this step, the producer and editor both are working on the made videos. They analyze the video and plan to edit the video. They set the location, music, photos, for editing the video. The production team is logging the interviews and then producing the final story. Next, they select the music according to the video or brand, and then edit the videos. After that, they all watch the video and review and approved by seniors.

During the video creation, you don’t need to do anything. The production team organizes and handles all works when you hire any production services. The best benefit of hiring video production services is you provide video within the time.

If you feel like this video is not making and creating properly then you can talk about the production team. They watch the video and decide where they need to changes. After changing some points that you tell them, the seniors will again review it. After editing the video, they send you to see the final format. The condition of revision is fewer because the production team always works accurately at once. You don’t need to pay too much amount for the production team. You can hire the video production services according to your budget.

This was all about the video production nyc and its types and process. That’s all for today!


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