Our lives have transitioned towards the digital age. Communication, transactions, and identity data is all done and stored online. With such vital information stored online, we have begun to see more and more digital attacks that compromise our identity and safety every day. One such attack that has become rather commonplace is a return-oriented programming attack.

Knowing how malicious attacks are done, and how they tend to exploit vulnerabilities within a network or framework, you can better defend yourself from these forms of theft. Proactive security measures might be one of the best forms of defense and should be done by anyone who hopes to defend themselves. The common mindset is that it won’t happen to me, but unfortunately, it does. Defend your computer from ROP chain attacks now.

What are the ROP Chain attacks?

A return-oriented programming attack or ROP attack takes advantage of holes within the computer’s defenses. These holes allow a hacker to enter into the code of the computer and implement their own malicious lines of code. This can be done either in person or remotely from a separate computer. The malicious intent of these attacks is to steal personal information such as credit cards, bank accounts, or identity altogether.

Many programs are available that help to prevent these attacks and oftentimes you’ll find that software like Windows has two lines of defense pre-implemented. However, sometimes this isn’t enough, and hackers can exploit separate channels to gain access to your computer. Preventing these exploits is necessary to properly safeguard your information.

How to defend your computer

Many times, you’ll find that a successful ROP attack has bypassed Window’s DEP protection and found its way in behind the initial lines of defense. These attacks have successfully altered the memory attributes and gained access to your system – other forms of attacks use different methods. In order to protect yourself against an attack like this, you’ll need to be able to combat ROP attacks that alter memories. The article linked above goes further in-depth on the coding aspects of such a defense.

Sometimes the best defense lies in your hands. Often times you’ll find that writing your own lines of code that are designed for preventing these attacks is the most useful. Once you’ve found out which method of bypassing a defense the attack is using, then writing the necessary code becomes easier. Defense against ROP attacks works! You won’t have to sit and hope that Window’s DEP protection holds up against a modern ROP attack chain.

Protect your computer and your identity now

The website linked above goes into more depth about the coding aspect of a ROP chain attack. By consulting an expert about the code needed to properly protect yourself, you’re setting your computer up with a stronger wall to help stop viruses and hackers. Start defending your computer and your identity today. Return oriented programming attacks are scary and often catch you by surprise – don’t wait for one to happen to you, act now.


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