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The Leading EHR Software Solutions in 2020

When it comes to improving services and providing the best care imaginable, electronic health records (EHRs) play a vital role. In fact, in a recent survey, 88 percent of practitioners that were surveyed said that EHRs were very rewarding for their practice, and 75 percent of them also thought patients received better care thanks to EHRs. And these aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The EHR market is expected to grow in the coming years thanks to its steady increase in market share.

But with so many leading EHR vendors out there, it can be difficult to choose.

Healthcare IT services professional, Don Baham from Kraft Technology Group dives into the top EHR software options on the market today to help you make an educated decision on the best solution for you.


Allscripts is an ARRA-certified EHR vendor that provides many EHR products to solve the needs of their customers. Allscripts works for small and medium scale physician practices and the solutions offered include products that cover a wide variety of needs.


  • User-friendly self-service portal for patients
  • Open platform
  • E-prescribing tools
  • Meaningful-use certification
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Charting support via handwriting and voice recognition


AdvancedMD is known for being a comprehensive software platform that covers many areas of the spectrum. Its user-friendly features, multiple templates, and integration options for hospitals make this platform very convenient. However, with the huge size of the platform, it’s difficult to fully understand everything this platform can do. On the positive side, AdvancedMD is one of few EHR’s to offer a payment plan pricing model compared to flat-rate prices from other EHRs.


  • Comprehensive platform
  • Many integration options
  • Custom pricing options
  • Many specialist templates available


Epic EHR is a dependable EHR platform that is best suited for hospitals with various specialist teams. The useful tools provide various workflows aimed at patient care, which provides many benefits. The tool also allows you to work across various health providers. Another key benefit is that it runs on the cloud, which is always available and offers many security perks. Furthermore, the platform is very mobile-friendly.


This platform provides a user-focused, robust environment that works on the cloud. iPatientCare also comes equipped with a variety of workflow customizations, which helps to work more closely with your practice and be better focused on your goals. iPatientCare is also very flexible; they offer a cloud-based platform and also a version that can be used with your own servers. The software also easily connects with labs, pharmacies, as well as various registries. Overall, the software is easy-to-use and makes it simple to gather and process all of the vital patient information.


Meditech is best suited for midsized and community hospitals, and it works as an on-premise electronic health record system. And unlike other platforms, Meditech takes steps towards increasing interoperability with other medical IT systems. In addition, the platform allows you to print or e-transfer files from a patient’s appointment even outside of the software.

Medics Suite

Medics Suite is a browser-based platform that makes it very suitable for mobile devices. Using iPads, tablets, or cell phones is no issue while using this tool. And this benefit is also evident on the patient side where they can access many mobile features. Additionally, although it is a cloud-based platform, the software still offers tons of EHR services that you would expect to see in the market.

Find Your EHR Solution Today!

With tons of top-notch EHR vendors out there, you have many options at your fingertips. From user-friendly tools to a long list of capabilities, you can now find a platform that can manage many areas of your business. No matter your budget, no matter your needs, there are many software options that are ready to help you and your patients. And as technology keeps improving, you can expect these platforms to become even more sophisticated in the coming years. Reap the many benefits from any of the EHR solutions listed above!


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