Today, it is crucial to have a back up for your valuable data. Why?

Losing important data can make a business lose its customers while all the years of hardwork go down the drain. Hence, to prevent your valuable data from missing, it’s imperative to do data backups.

With the critical need to back up relevant data, the backup scenario has deeply evolved in recent years.

From CDs and floppy disks to DVDs, magnetic tapes, and memory cards, the journey has never been bumpier.

The older media were less user-friendly and with a higher risk of losing data. With today’s technological advancement, not only are these devices reduced in size but are also faster and more versatile at backing up your valuable data.

SD cards are the latest Data Back up 

A memory card is a compact data storage device that you can connect to different smart devices to transfer and store data like pictures, audio, text, and images.

The market has different memory card types, but the most common of them is the SD cards.

What is an SD card used for? 

SD cards can be used in plenty of ways. Let’s start with the most obvious.

Create an alternative boot drive for computer  

Depending on your SD card size, you could save a complete OS X or Windows file on it to boot your PC.

While we don’t recommend running your OS off an SD every time, it can be helpful when you need immediate boot media to scan a malware or virus, troubleshoot a PC issue, or change your password.

So far your computer can boot to an SD card (make sure you check your BIOS to confirm), you can convert your SD cards into a boot disk that lets you repair your PC. You can as well have the installed OS configured with your favorite apps.

Keep Rotating Images of Your PC in an Emergency 

Similar to using your SD card as an emergency boot media, if you have a large SD card, you can store all your system images. If your card has some spaces left, you can add your PC images, and keep them in the card if you need to reimage your PC in the future.

Turn them into a portable USB drive 

If there’s a card reader attached to your computer, they can be used as an additional storage space for photos, music, or movies. And if there’s an SD card slot attached to your TV, you can simply load the card up with photos, music, or media, leaving it connected to your TV. Unfortunately, not all TV comes with an SD card slot, and not every PC comes with a card reader. But, almost all these devices feature a USB port, though, and using an SD-to-USB adapter, it becomes easy to convert your portable SD cards into storage that supports any USB port.

Once your SD card is plugged into a USB adapter, it starts to function as an external drive or USB device, which means that some apps that do not typically work with SD card will do so without a problem.

Your SD cards will support encryption, and you can use them to boot devices that usually doesn’t support SD cards booting or to keep private data

Power up a digital frame 

Most digital photo frames have space for SD cards or USB cards for additional storage. Your SD card can be used to complement the internal storage of your digital frames (if it actually comes with any).

If you’re looking to purchase a digital photo frame, it’s safe to tell you that markets for these frames have really bottomed out, meaning this is the best time to find them on your favorite online store.

And if you have your SD cards and digital frames ready, then you already have all it takes to load up your frame with enough photos for your smart home decor.

Even if you’re not a fan of the digital picture frame, they can make a beautiful gift for your loved once, especially if they are connected with an SD card that loads up lots of photos.

Final thought

Losing important data can be frustrating and waste all the years of hard work. Hence, to prevent your valuable data from missing, it’s really important to do data backups. That’s when SD cards come alive.

At first glance, many people think that SD cards have nothing left outside of the device which you inserted them.

Because of their small size, SD cards are portable and removable. You can take it out from your device and use for other purposes, unlike the much larger hard disk drive. Hugdiy is the best manufacturer and seller of SD card, Now order from:

There are many other ways to use your SD card. I hope you’ll learn from the above tips.


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