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What do EHS software systems do?


EHS software standards have become an essential part of every organization. There are various standards and protocols that have come into play when it comes to following EHS.

More often than not, it becomes a very daunting task for EHS managers to efficiently conduct and analyze on whether the EHS compliances are being followed within the organization. And of course, in this case too, technology comes to our rescue.

There are numerous EHS software available in the market. Providers such as Capptions offer highly interactive and customizable routines to integrate into your organization. In this article, we will go through the different benefits that you can have by using a dedicated EHS software.

Convenience of working

  • The software helps to manage data such as participation history, speakers, durations and other details of your health and safety management programs.
  • Have a glance at the EHS training progress and compliance status of all your employees from a single dashboard.
  • Grant or deny permissions with just a button click. EHS software manages a history of all the permits ever issued along with other details such as name, date and reasons.
  • Take a glance at the status of all the incident reports at once. Forward reports to anyone with ease. Track its approval and changes throughout the organization.
  • With EHS software, it is easier to manage data from the incident tracking investigations system.
  • Safely manage data sheets on a centralized server that the software provides. Ensure that you sign up for the right security measures while choosing your software. Data breaches can prove to be very expensive.


Incorporating EHS standards or using EHS software does not mean that all you employees have to change their way of working nor does it say that they have to undergo long and heavy training programs to understand the features. One of the primary objectives of any EHS software is the ability to customize features according to the requirements of your firm. Capptions offers the following features:

  • Create and design your own forms. You can choose from pre-defined templates or simply create one from scratch.
  • Manage one central dashboard for everything you need to know. Keep only the essential things on the page and remove everything else.
  • A unique reporting system that helps you monitor the status of the investigations and reports all from one single platform.

Final note

Abiding by EHS protocols is no longer an option, it is necessary for any business that wants to grow. Ranging from customers to employees, everyone has significant benefits from the EHS measures. Lower accident rates lead to cost-cutting for recovery measures. If employees become ill less often, work productivity increases and so does the revenue. At a time where environmentalists are having their worst nightmares come true, taking care of nature is also a necessity assured by following the EHS standards.