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What Is PLT? How to Convert PLT to PDF Format?


PLT file extensions are designed to print using a plotter, which draws images using lines rather than dots like a normal printer. Plotting is an act of designing and printing using software designed specifically for technical drawings. PLT is employed for interpreting complex 3D and 2D visualizations into an animated or static form.

The three common files that employ PLT extensions are –

  • Tecplot Binary Data File – PLT data file saves the output data created via scientific computation. It can include several datasets and frames.
  • HPGL Plot File – Hewlett-Packard Graphic Language is used to create a plotter file. It contains 2-letter codes like IP that declare the starting point on the plot. It even contains optional parameters with codes. A variety of printers and drawing programs use it for creating printable plotter files.
  • AutoCAD Plotter Document – AutoCAD drawing software creates vector-based plotter files. The plotter is used to print the images based on .HPGL format using lines rather than dots.

If the computer does not identify the correct software to open the PLT file then you will need an associated software installation. For example, if you are trying to open Tecplot360 on your Window 7 there is an error message flashing. It is because your OS does not know what to do as there is not Techplot360 compatible with Windows 7 installed, or the version is outdated. Choose another PLT-related app to load the file. You can even choose a PLT to PDF conversion program.

Other PLT file opening issues

  • If there is a hard disk error in your PC then all data including PLT files get damaged or corrupted.
  • Virus attack is a huge threat to every computer files including PLT.
  • Human errors like forceful shutdown can also make it impossible to open the .plt file.
  • Drivers connected with the PLT software version are outdated and need to be updated.
  • Insufficient resources like RAM can hinder the PLT file to be uploaded.

Fortunately, with a backup .plt file, you can restore it or in case there is no backup support use 3rd party software to repair the PLT file opening issue.

How to convert PLT to PDF?

A simple and quick way to deal with file conversion is to seek a suitable program like reaConverter. It is efficient software that can deal with batch conversions. There is no need to spend hours on how to convert many files at once. Besides, this batch converter even allows applying image editing during conversions.

  • Download & install

The reaConverter is simple to download, install, and configure. There is no need to have IT skills or contact technicians. It is user-friendly and you will understand how it operates within a few minutes.

  • Load the PLT files

Start the software and load all .plt files needed to be converted into .pdf because it supports batch conversion. This will save the energy and time needed to perform repetitive operations. Choose the .plt files from the folder or you can even drag & drop them right in the software window.

  • Select output folder

Choose where to save the converted new .pdf file in the saving options menu. Spend some time applying extra image editing options to images that you prepare for conversion.

  • Choose PDF as the output format

You will see a series of a button at the bottom of the window, where look for PDF as your output format. If you want to add other format options click on the +Plus button. Click on the ‘START’ button! Instantly, the conversion starts.

  • Download the .pdf file

The conversion can take a few minutes depending on the amount of .plt files you uploaded for conversion. Click the download button and save the .pdf files on your PC.

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