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10 Best Digital Collaboration Tools for Students


If there’s something that can make school life easier, it is being able to share the burden of your tasks, assignments, and coursework with fellow students. In a world where technology and the digital world are both a cause of procrastination and enablers of productivity, you can learn to use digital tools to your advantage and enjoy real-life results.

Digital tools can foster not just productivity, but also efficient collaboration. On one hand, they allow students to perform a wide range of tasks and keep a good track of all their responsibilities. On the other hand, they allow students to work together on projects, assign tasks in a group, have interactive online discussions, share and access documents and resources, and communicate instantly.

10 Best Collaborative Tools for Students to Test Today

If you want to take advantage of the wide range of benefits that programs and applications can bring to your life, this is our list of the best collaborative tools that can help students improve teamwork and productivity.

1. Edmondo

Edmondo is a user-friendly communication tool for students, teachers, and parents, which gives everyone a platform for keeping track of assignments, grades, and upcoming exams. The key benefit of the app is that it eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings, optimizing communication, and allowing an instant reply.

Everything from sending messages and sharing class materials can be easily performed on the platform. A great benefit of Edmondo, however, is that it gives students the possibility to voice their opinions and concerns without the fear of standing out and attracting attention as in the real-life classroom environment.

2. Classcraft

Inspired by the popularity of role-playing games, Classcraft is an interactive learning app that allows students to create a personal avatar and follow their own learning progress. Each class activity and assignment can earn a student character upgrades for their avatar. Grades, attendance rates, and extracurricular achievements take the character to a new level.

3. Yammer

Yammer is a collaborative tool that follows the principles of social media. Whereas platforms like Facebook or Instagram provide too many time-consuming distractions and mental clutter, Yammer takes their communication methods to allow students to share ideas and information in a group and give each other feedback. Teachers and parents can also join.

4. PenPal Schools

Collaboration doesn’t have to be limited to classmates, and this is where PenPal Schools comes into play. For students looking to expand their understanding of the world, PenPal is a community of fellow students and educators from all over the world involved in various learning projects in all popular subjects. Whether it’s learning a language or finding more about geopolitics, this is a global-reaching collaborative tool.

5. Minecraft Education Edition

Playing into the massive popularity of the video game, Minecraft Education Edition is an academic rendition that gives students the opportunity to learn by immersing themselves into the open universe of the game. This tool allows students to join group exercises, collaborate on tasks, and get involved in problem-solving projects.

6. Padlet

Padlet is a collaborative tool with a business and an academic version. Meant to promote active engagement among students and provide a controlled learning experience, the app proves especially helpful to students who struggle with optimizing their writing process.

If an essay writing service uk provides a thesis statement, reference list, outline, and more, Padlet creates a space for brainstorming sessions, editing, and feedback. Using Padlet, students can discuss their topics, comment on each other’s work, showcase their portfolio, and find resources.

7. Socrative

Socrative is a collaboration tool that enables effective class management by allowing students and teachers to take part in interactive activities.  Students can debate various topics and take quizzes to improve learning. Online collaboration is enabled by chat and discussion rooms. Groups of students and individuals can either work together or compete in various competitions. Giving and receiving feedback is also possible.

8. Scribblar

Scribblar is an online collaboration platform designed to enhance teamwork among students and support them in creative academic tasks. Each discussion on the app can focus on one or more classes, with each student having the possibility to save the chat transcript and reread at leisure. The app supports online chat, discussion rooms, file sharing, and individual and collaborative projects.

9. TalkBoard

TalkBoard is a simple, yet effective collaboration tool that allows students to brainstorm creatively. Using tablets or laptops, they can express ideas using visual aides such as drawings, graphs, and more. Learning processes that require constant, immediate feedback such as language acquisition is made easier by TalkBoard. Students who struggle academically may also find that expressing ideas visually is much more rewarding.

10. Debate Graph

It has been widely demonstrated that collaborative work can be enhanced by a process called mind-mapping, which takes brainstorming to the next level by providing a visual, coherent organization of ideas. This is the main concept behind Debate Graph as well.

Students can use this web-platform to visualize their train of thoughts and organize their collective ideas. Debate Graph supports group debates so that several people can brainstorm on any topic in real-time. The app allows users to grade maps and graphs, which can be edited and used in a final presentation in class.

Collaboration has the power to enhance learning because whenever two or more minds work together, this makes room for more innovative solutions and wider perspectives. For students, digital tools can prove highly valuable as their tech-savviness, curiosity, and adaptability keep them alert whenever classes become too hard or boring.