All You Need to Know About Laser Engraving Machine for Jewelry

It is a well-known fact that every person who’s dealing in jewelry, whether as a manufacturer or as a vendor, must have a laser engraving machine. The practice of engraving is being used for a very long period. Like other areas, technology has made the task easier for engravers by developing the laser engraving machine, with the help of which marking now seems to be very easy. There are many guides which can help you with this. 

This being said, there are many types of laser engraving machines for jewelry and we have written and explained some of them down for you. 

Helium laser engraving machine 

This type of laser machine is also known as CO2, a gas-based laser engraving machine. This type was the first one to be introduced in the market. As for now, they have amazingly kept their market share at a constant position even with the newer technologies being introduced. 

Crystal Laser Engraving Machine 

This is the second type that was introduced in the market. The working of this laser engraving machine is quite simple. Basically it uses a crystal to create a laser which is then used for engraving purposes. 

Fibre Laser Engraving Machine 

Out of all the available types in the market, this one is the latest technology introduced. Moreover, not only is this technology is the latest one it is also the easiest one and gives out the best results from other methods. The turnaround time of a fibre laser engraving machine is way better than the previous two. These few benefits are the reason why every jewelry manufacturer and vendor makes this technology their priority. 

Let’s now discuss some of the techniques which are being used by the engravers to engrave pieces of jewelry 

Laser Evaporation 

High heat is created in this method which then causes the affected surface of the material to vaporize. The reason why this method is mostly used is that the surface of the material is not excessively damaged during the procedure. 

Laser Foaming 

Another method which is widely used by the manufacturers and vendors of jewelry is laser foaming. This is a simple method in which the material is melted with the laser and then is given a shape, which completely forms when the material cools down. However, the base material is damaged in this procedure due to the use of high temperature which was used for melting it in the first place.

Laser Coat 

This method is used when the material is not to be damaged at all. This method is the extreme precaution used when the material has to be protected at any cost. Basically, there is an extra material that is placed on the original material and then the laser is used for the engraving procedure. 

Laser Ablation 

This is the safest method used to protect the original material of the jewelry. Basically, in this method, the surface coating of the jewelry which is to be marked is engraved, leaving the original material safe. 

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