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Benefits of AngularJS training certification Course

Web development is an extremely important part of creating mobile applications and changing as well as updating the ways users interact with smartphones. As the number of people using smartphones increases exponentially every day, the focus of web development for mobile has increased tenfold.  

Almost all companies in the IT sector are trying to use web development and mobile application development to the maximum potential. This means that recruiters who are hiring for such companies are looking for individuals who are properly trained and skilled in AngularJS. The web development process is greatly affected and enhanced due to the introduction of AngularJS.  

The Angular JS Training will help professionals develop mobile applications with ease. This training will also help you learn the ‘in-demand’ skills that are required in web technologies. You will be equipped with modern-day JavaScript and by the end of the training, you will be able to develop web and mobile applications and write fast and scalable client-side codes.

What will you learn in the AngularJS training certification course? 

  • Typescript: You will begin your course by learning the typescript concepts that are essential to the development of an angular application. 
  • Components: You will be taught how to create manual components. Along with this, you will also learn the basic use of components such as CLI.  
  • Smaller Components: Once you learn how to manually create components, you will be briefed on the monolithic UI and learn how to decompose into smaller components and create larger and more efficient pages.  
  • Modules: This session will help you understand the main process of modularizing AngularJS applications. You will be able to learn this process by creating feature modules.  
  • Templating: You will learn about template syntaxes which help in developing dynamic templates. Along with this, you will be given a chance to apply this concept to develop dynamic templates. 
  • Form Management: Form management is an important part of AngularJS training. There are two types of techniques to develop forms – reactive forms and template driven. You will be taught both types of techniques that are used to develop forms.  
  • Services: You will learn how to inject services in different components of the development process. Moreover, you will also be taught how to create services to hold business logic. 
  • Routing and Remote Communication: In this section, you will be taught about the ways to control and consume remote services. You will also be able to learn the implementation of navigation and protect routes.  
  • Web Components: The inclusion of web components in the finished product is an essential part of learning AngularJS. By the end of this training session, you will be able to understand and learn how to implement the web components by using angular elements.  
  • Unit Testing: Unit Testing sessions are held towards the end of the development process. In this session, you will learn how to use testing tools and methods such as karma, jasmine, and angular testing utilities. You will use these tools to unit test Angular applications. 
  • Debugging: This step is in direct relation to the Unit Testing step. Whatever problems and complications that are found in the Unit Testing stage are resolved in the Debugging stage. You will learn about the VS Code and Chrome, which are the tools used to debug the angular applications.  
  • Dev Tooling and Bundling: This will be the final step of your training. You will get a chance to learn about the applications used in Angular CLI and augury. Along with this, you will also learn about the bundling process and the optimizations required in Angular CLI. 

What are the benefits of the AngularJS training certification course? 

Learning and mastering AngularJS is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in the field of making the web, desktop, and mobile applications. It is a widely-adopted JavaScript framework which is extremely popular because of the unmatchable user experience it provides. The course of Angular JS is designed to give you a comprehensive learning process and a learning curve that will help you in your prospects. Fundamentals of Angular JS such as Pipes, Forms, CSS Styling, etc., will be taught by using hands-on exercises and projects. Along with this, you will also be taught complex fundamentals such as Directives and Routing. After the theoretical part of the training, you will be given exercises to try your hands at the practical application of your knowledge. By pursuing this Angular JS certification course, you will get the following benefits: 

  • You will be able to increase your earning potential significantly. Research across the app development field has shown that the average salary of an Angular Develop working in the United States of America is approximately $115,000 per annum. By pursuing this course, you can get a job which will give you an opportunity to succeed and a good salary.  
  • By completing the Angular JS certification course, you will be able to enhance your job prospects significantly. As the number of users who depend on technology and the apps created by developers increase, the demand for skilled and talented developers is also at an all-time high. This indicates that top companies such as Paytm, Accenture, Bosch, HTC, Capgemini, HCL, Infosys and Cognizant are looking to hire professionals who have the proper skills and training to develop web, mobile and desktop apps for them.  
  • If you are a fresher, you can start your career by pursuing this course. This course can supplement your developer skills and give you a better chance of getting hired by companies. This qualification will set you apart from other candidates who are applying for similar jobs. Along with this, you will also be able to use your skills extensively once you get to join a company and start a job. 
  • For working professionals, this Angular JS certification course can help you update your skills and show your employers that you are constantly working hard to keep up with the industry trends and keep your skills updated. This will increase your chances of moving up the ladder and get better and more important projects to work on.  


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