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How To Fetch 700+ In GMAT Without Coaching


Yes, it can be a really tough job to obtain a high score in GMAT, and scoring 700+ without coaching is almost like a dream come true. However, it is a dream that can be realized if you have a proper plan chalked out.

One of the best ways to score high is by enrolling for a comprehensive GMAT preparation online. It will not only help you evaluate yourself better, but you will also be able to solve GMAT mock test papers with confidence. So you see, scoring 700+ without coaching is not, after all, a dream so to speak.

But how do you go about doing this? Well, we have gathered some pro tips to guide you.

You have to be very specific about how much your target is.

Your target should be pretty high, only then will you be able to score around what you aim for. In order to aim high, understand the question pattern thoroughly. Understanding the basic format, the question type, the sections, how much time is required to solve each question and each section, and so on are some of the important aspects.

Plan out a schedule.

Once you are done with the understanding part, the planning will include which part you want to start with first. It is always advisable that you start with the Quant section first. First, go through the basic quant concepts in the official guide and then delve deeper. For example, go through the GMAT forums online where you will get quality notes and explanations. Furthermore, the best part is you will get these concepts jotted down in a nutshell and this is exactly why things will pretty much be easier for you to understand.

Attempt mock tests.

Some achievers have suggested that it is better to first try and solve a GMAT mock question paper. This will help you understand what your condition is, plus you will get an understanding of what you are going to deal with. This knowledge will help you to score more, and you will get a fair idea of the fact that you have to handle one section at a time. Do not jump from one section to another randomly, rather move systematically.

Refer to the official guide.

Now, after you get a thorough knowledge of the basics you can start off with dealing with questions in the official guide under time constraints. If you see that the official material is lacking somewhere, then it is best to buy good study material available in the market.

Self-study is the key.

If you do not understand a concept, then it is better to opt for some online tutorials to get a clear idea. You can think of getting a private tutor, in case the online tutorials do not help, in order to save time and score better.

Prepare for the verbal section.

In addition to going through the study materials available in the market, read newspapers, journals, magazines, and books; reading more will help you improve your vocabulary. Bui8lding your vocabulary is essential while preparing for the verbal section. Understand, learn, and try to solve the question all on your own. Do not look for support even if it is readily available. Try to get valuable information about CR and RC this way you will be able to good score in GMAT.

While preparing for GMAT online you can also get access to 300 to 400 questions as far as the verbal question bank is concerned. Try to solve the 200+ questions available and follow the time to perform better.

Take as many practice tests as possible.

Try to maintain the time from the first day itself, as it you will get better. Check the answers and understand where you went wrong and why you went wrong. This will ensure that you will be able to strengthen your concepts even more.

Focus on accuracy.

Try to get 80 to 90% accuracy while solving questions in the official guide, but do not be complacent; keep going with the practice because once out of practice you might have a lot of difficulties during the actual test.

The GMAT syllabus can be completed on time. The students are tested on specific concepts and patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on getting thorough with those concepts and patterns. Study every day for 2 hours at least for 3 to 4 months straight.