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Locked Down and Learning: Education Apps to Help Your Child

If we are honest, there are moments we are not too pleased with our children. Moments we feel fed up or somewhat frustrated with them and jump at the opportunity to ship them off if only for some peace of mind. Such admissions do not in any way whatsoever mean you are bad parents, nor does it mean you do not love your children. If anything, it is your love for them that has you welcoming their absence to recharge for better parenting.

Unfortunately, with the current lockdown, you are stuck with each other for better, for worse. Even so, you cannot leave them to their devices all day and risk having their young minds programmed by what is in the TV line-up. However, you need to keep them engaged and entertained while at the same time sharpening their young minds.

We understand this need and thus, we have compiled a list of alternatives to enable you to achieve it. Like the team at The Guardian, we believe education apps are not necessarily dull. They are designed to capture and retain your child’s attention, thus making learning a fun activity for increased absorption. Well, here is our compilation:

Teach Your Monster to Read- Currently free

People tend to overlook how teaching a concept can be useful in your understanding of that specific subject. This app aims to override such misconceptions by having your child teach their lovely monster letters of the alphabet and how to read. Assuming the role of a teacher offers a boost of confidence to your child arousing the feeling of competence and thus enhance their learning. The cherry on top is the current withdrawal of the standard subscription fee, thus making education free and accessible to all.

The Montessori Pre-school- at R12 p/m

A lot of thought must have gone towards the development of this education software. Such a conclusion is due to its tasteful design and engineering. From the online applauding, it appears to have won over the hearts of many. The app exposes your child to a myriad of crucial subjects, and lesson plans the likes of Mathematics and Phonics. There is also a bit of flair added to the overall learning experience through readings such as coding and music. These tasteful additions afford your child a well-balanced education making the monthly subscription worthwhile.

The Khan Academy Kids- Currently Free

As a Not-for-Profit organization, the Khan Academy strives to deliver quality education to all children. Following such commitment to education, this NGO offers every child an opportunity to gain knowledge for free. Its Khan Academy Kids (KHK) is one such venture tailored for the little angels as their start off their education journey. What makes KHK an excellent learning app is its focus on the holistic development of your child. In addition to developing their reading and numeracy competence, it nurtures their emotional and social wellbeing vital components of today’s world.

Go Explore from CBeebies- Currently Free

The BBC’s educational apps make some of the best after school modes of learning more so during the current school disruption. With a high focus on learning games from basic Phonics and Mathematics to self-care and emotional wellbeing, it affords significant exposure to your youngsters. Given that it is based on several TV shows and characters, children are quickly captivated, which allows for increased learning.

The Hopster- R110 p/m

As parents, our motivation to limit the number of hours our kids spend staring at the TV screen is the lack of an outlet for the knowledge imparted. The Hopster is an education app founded on this prevalent knowledge application gap. It is a combination of kids’ television shows and interactive games and challenges to test the learning acquired from the shows viewed. With shows such as Bob the Builder and Pingu, these pay per month services will not only keep the kids entertained but also learning.

World of Peppa Pig- R110 p/m

Before you dismiss this app out of sheer boredom at the sight of Peppa Pig, consider using it to teach your youngling about life and the world at large. If the little pink creature smites your kids, this app will do wonders having them stay quiet longer while learning too.






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