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Reasons to Learn Apache

Data scientists love Apache Spark! The cluster-computing, scalable, and user-friendly framework permits analysis of all kinds of data with fantastic speed. Above all, the open-source project is highly compatible with Kubernetes. Naturally, organizations are keen to befriend Spark. Therefore, they are on the lookout for specialists who can bring specialized knowledge and unique skills. If you want to come on the radar of these employers looking for specialists, you can do so by attending Scala and Spark certification courses and getting certified in Scala and Spark. 

Various training establishments offer these courses. Therefore, if you want to become an Apache specialist, you may apply at any of them. At the end of the program, you will receive valid credentials. However, the certifications will have more value if they display the stamps of genuine institutions.

Reasons for Learning Apache

There are several, but we outline just a few of the most important ones here.

It Handles Big Data Splendidly

If you adore ‘playing and experimenting’ with data, you will love working with Apache Spark! By exploring the information that your organization provides, you will be able to help it resolve all kinds of problems. It is because you will be able to store the data that is resident in memory safely. In turn, machine-learning loads will speed up.

It Integrates Well with Hadoop

Do you have prior knowledge of Hadoop? Well, then, you are at an advantage! Spark and Hadoop bond well. Yes, Spark is a standalone project. However, it feels comfortable with the Hadoop Distributed File System, thanks to the way that software engineers have designed Spark.

It is a Good Replacement for MapReduce

Apache Spark refers to a processing framework that works on in-memory data. Spark is tremendously rapid in its functioning and easy to program too. It was not possible with MapReduce. Therefore, Spark is a multi-faceted tool, perfectly apt for handling all types of Hadoop workloads now and in the future.

It is in Alignment with Global Standards

The welcome that it has received over the past few years suffices to prove that Apache Spark is going to become the center of the Big Data Processing universe! Its arrival has prompted an enhancement in the standards of Big Data Analysis. The experts have no choice since the data processing is running into high speeds and providing real-time outcomes.

The opinions are the same across the globe. Therefore, this generation desires to transfer this knowledge to future generations, such that improved Spark applications arrive on the scenario.

It is already Popular in the Production Arena.

As mentioned earlier, more and more companies are joining the bandwagon of Apache Spark users. Numerous vendors are keen to utilize Spark to maximum advantage. Surprisingly, the crowd includes both Hadoop fans and those who do not favor it! The vendors are from diverse sectors of industry, such as the public sector, financial services, telecommunications, retail, and media houses.

The speed, ease-of-use, and efficiency of Spark fascinate all! It not only handles distinct issues but terrific workloads too. Above all, Apache Spark provides a rapid and straightforward programming interface in Python, Scala, or Java. Thus, Spark is a single integrated system, which brings all data pipelines under one umbrella.

It provides Employment

Large-sized corporations are inclining towards the adoption of Apache Spark. Sensing its popularity, medium-sized and small-sized businesses are doing the same. Therefore, there is no shortage of jobs in this particular arena. The demand for Apache Spark professionals is only going to increase in the future. Gain the requisite certification, and you will have a competitive edge over your rivals. Note that not everyone can handle the massive inflow of data from various sources as expertly as you will be able to do. Thus, you will give your career a much-needed boost and a lucrative one at that!

Steps to Attain Apache Certification

Your training will enable you to master various facets that link to Apache Spark and Scala programming language. Additionally, you will be able to comprehend how this new entry into the IT arena succeeds in overcoming the limitations that the traditional MapReduce posed to Big Data Analysis.


To begin with, you could be an IT professional with sufficient work experience and desire a career change. Hence, if working with real-time Big Data Analytics seems attractive enough, you might contemplate going in for Spark and Scala certification. Then again, you could be a professional analyst or researcher. Maybe, you are an expert dealing with business intelligence and reporting. You are fit for the course if you are a data scientist, IT developer and tester, or a student wishing to gain thorough knowledge about Apache Spark.


You may not come to the course, completely ignorant of everything, especially if you wish to benefit professionally. Therefore, do ensure that you possess fundamental education about any programming language. It would also be useful to have basic knowledge of any query language for databases, any database, and SQL. Knowing the essentials of Unix-based systems or Linux-based systems should also prove helpful for grasping the various aspects of the curriculum.

Examination and Certification

The institute will send you the requisite curriculum and the study materials. Then again, well-qualified tutors will be on hand to provide necessary guidance. However, the style of learning depends entirely upon you. You may opt for self-paced education, wherein you work in alignment with your comfort zone. Alternatively, you may prefer blended learning, which brings you the benefits of self-paced study, personal mentoring, and interactive online classes.

Regardless of whatever you opt for, you are entitled to take a practice test before the final examination. The simulation of the actual question paper should stand you in good stead. Apart from letting you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, it will also give you the self-confidence to appear for the main examination.

If you gain a good score, you will be in line for certification. The certificate has lifelong validity. If you fail, reappear for the exam.


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