Newverest travel maps are incredibly popular with students of all ages and from all walks of life, and for good reason—every Newverest scratch map inspires students to see the world around them. To get out of the classroom and actually explore the places they’ve learned about. Their Newverest scratch map helps them discover new lands, cultures, and people. Maybe even make a few friends. So let’s take a walk through the different types of scratch off travel map Newverest sells, and figure out which is best for which students.

Very young students, such as those still in grade school, will love the children’s edition of Newverest’s World scratch off map and USA scratch map. Yes, that’s right, they have children’s editions of both! So whether your little tykes prefer to explore the entire world or want to focus on the USA, there is something for each of them. Both kids’ editions of scratch off travel map by come with 50 super-cute animal cards to teach them about the animals leaving in different countries and states. Your kids will have fun and gain knowledge at the same time.

High school students can also benefit from having a Newverest scratch off map, though they may prefer the original World scratch map or USA scratch off map. They’re at that age where they are thinking about taking trips with their friends, and the different places they might like to go to college. Every scratch off travel map features large, beautiful maps with clearly defined outlines of all the USA states or world countries. The capitals of those places are also listed on their scratch map, so your high school student can easily see the places they might visit once they graduate.

For those students who have already graduated high school and are in college, the entire world is open to them. They will no doubt enjoy a World scratch map or one of the two deluxe editions of Newverest’s USA scratch map. Help them mark off the places they’ve already visited on family vacations and inspire them to visit new places they have yet to explore. Remind them that if they want to travel the world seeking adventure, they will need a passport. But college road trips are an easy way to see the USA, and all it takes is a driver’s license and, of course, your scratch off map.

Adult learners will also enjoy the different scratch map options available to them at Newverest. They may already have explored the USA, and now they are ready to see the rest of the world. is great at inspiring students of any age to explore new places and find adventure. Every time they visit a new land, they can scratch it off their map to mark their travels. It’s an easy, interactive way to explore new places and keep your memories of them alive even after you’ve returned home. Students of any age will love their Newverest scratch map, whichever version they choose.


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