Are you having difficulty to reach out to your students when it comes to writing? Do your students hate writing and can’t seem to complete their tasks? Well, you need to look deeper and find out the reasons why students hate to write than simply accepting that your students can’t write. You need first to understand why writing is so hard for students.

Many students have an aversion when it comes to creative writing, paragraph writing, essay writing, etc. A lot of them hate writing papers. They not only need step-by-step guidance, but they also need to understand why they need to learn writing skills. If you force your students to write, they will develop a hatred for it and will avoid doing it at any cost.

Let’s see a couple of reasons why students hate writing so that you will be able to tackle it better.

1.    Not seeing writing as a step-by-step process

The first thing that you need to take a look at is why writing is difficult for students. Most students fail to understand that writing is a process with several steps. You learn as you write, and your first draft can’t be perfect.

When students fail to write well the first time, they get frustrated and disheartened. Teach your students the structure and steps that they need to take to complete an assignment. Break down the process into steps that are easy enough for students to complete so that they would have a sense of accomplishment and go to the next step with positivity. Hold their hand, help them get over their minds, and guide them step by step.

2.    Not following the writing procedure

You need to understand why writing is difficult for students. When it comes to writing, there is no right answer. You can write in various ways, as per your style. The students fail to understand that they don’t have to write emotionally alone. Give your students fun writing assignments and see the astonishing results.

They have to follow a procedure and then pour their heart out into it. Once they have an outline, they can break down the writing task into steps and continue to write accordingly.

3.    Fear of Failure

Another reason that students hate to write is the fact that they are afraid of failure. This stops them from writing at all. Help them overcome this failure. Try to tell them that no style of writing is bad, and they will learn after a series of failures.

Once they stop looking at failure as a bad thing, they will not hate writing and will take the task head-on. Show them examples of research papers and essays on various topics, be it global warming research papers or an essay about World War I. There are various online websites such as that can help your students know how to write by giving them free samples of essays.

4.    No interest in the topic

We need to understand why writing is so hard for students. Interest is the thing that gets the students to do anything. If your students are not interested in the topic you have assigned to them, they are going to hate writing about it.

You need to assign them fun writing assignments. The goal here is to get them to write, not to write about specific topics. Make sure that you either assign a topic that holds their interest or asks them to choose one themselves.

5.    Difficulty level

You have to make sure your students don’t hate writing papers. When you are teaching to students, try to connect with them on a level that they understand. Most of the time, students hate to write about a topic since the task is very difficult. Start with an assignment that is on a beginner’s level. Once your students get the hang of it, then you can move to a difficult level.

6.    Difficult deadlines

Writing is a skill that is learned with practice and over time. You can’t expect your students to learn it overnight. If you set tough deadlines, the students are going to have a difficult time handing the task in. Many students buckle under pressure and end up hating the entire writing process.

Make sure that you set flexible deadlines, monitoring the progress of your students along the way. This will help the task get done, and your students will not writing. Killing two words with stone, right?


Teaching students is a tough yet rewarding task. If you learn the needs and interests of your students, your work will not only become easier, but your students will be more interested in the lessons and will participate actively. Make sure you give them fun writing assignments.

Now you have a better understanding of why writing is so hard for students and why writing is difficult for students. Take a look at the reasons we have mentioned above for why students hate to write. Once you know the reasons, you will be able to make changes in your methodology that will eradicate those reasons. Follow these steps, and your students will not hate writing papers.

Happy Teaching, Folks!


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