A user manual is the education source about a product for the users of that product. The user manual leads the user to the optimal use of a product by teaching them the right way to assemble (if necessary), and use the product. Now, for those people who now have a job to write a user manual, has to know what are the things he/she should include in the user manual. What are the things in a user manual that makes it convenient for the user of the product and gives him the ability to find the necessary things in it and go with it! In this article, we’ll know the things that have to be present in user manuals.

The cover page

If you are writing a user manual, the very first thing you have to do is the cover page. The cover page will decide if the reader is going to open up the manual with a positive mind or a negative one. The cover page should have a clear message about what is the topic inside and what is this user manual about in the first place. Make the title very clear, it has to speak for the whole book and have an elegant look where the reader doesn’t get an eye strain looking into it.

The title and copyright page

This is the second thing in a user manual and it goes into the second page of the manual book. On this page, the product title, the subtitle, brand title and the copyright information of the product and brand should be mentioned clearly.

A table of content

The most important part of a user manual is the table of contents page. This page contains the navigation indications of the contents of the user manual. This table of content gives the reader a clear idea about what topics are covered inside the book and directing page numbers to all the technical instructions, FAQs, and things that the reader needs to know to take good care of the product

Brief introduction and overview of the product

In this part of the user manual, a short introduction to the product or a brief overview of it goes in. The overview won’t be more than two or three paragraphs. Some infographics or diagram can be there too.

Safety manuals and warnings

If the product comes with any safety warnings that the reader should be aware of, those safety precautions will go in this part of the user manual. While placing the warnings and precautions, they should be elaborated step by step, so that the reader can understand and take actions accordingly.

Instructions pages

The main part of a user manual book starts here. This part starts with defining the product in detail and contains all the specifications of the product and all the parts of it. The instruction part comes with detailed elaborations and the jobs the product does.

While detailing the specifications and works of the product, there should be pictures of the particular part of the product that does a specific job. There can be infographics to go even easier on the reader to understand it.

The work procedures should be mentioned step by step and in order, especially when detailing the assembling process or writing the using methods or process. If this part isn’t done properly, the reader or the user of the product won’t be able to operate the product correctly, even they could end up in a safety hazard as well.

Testings and recommendations

The user manual has to contain the testing results of the product and how the user or the reader can test the product themselves to check the compatibility of the product. This part also has to contain the recommendations about the electricity voltage and power consumption processes the product will need.


In this part, user manuals have to contain the frequently asked questions by the previous users or potential questions that could be done by the potential users of the product. This part will help the users to understand the product more and use the product more securely and get the answers to all the possible questions they may encounter once they start using the product in real life.


No matter how good a product is, if the user manual of the product isn’t good enough to be understood by the user and reader, the product cannot be operated by a new user or customer. So it’s important to make a very engaging user manual that can be a complete instruction for the user or a reader. The language should be very easy and understandable. If the product is going to be sold overseas, the user manuals definitely have to be published in multiple different languages where the potential customers are living in.


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