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What to Do if Two Exams Are Scheduled on the Same Day

Stress before exams increases if you have to pass two subjects in one day. From our article, you will learn how to prepare for this difficult day and survive it with the least stress.

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Keep Calm

With all the desire, passing two school subjects in one day is impossible. The fact is that any exam starts at 10:00. You simply will not have time to pass one subject, and then go to the exam in the second.

Especially for such situations, a reserve day has been introduced, on which one of the exams scheduled for the same date is postponed.

The schedule of reserve days for passing the exam, as well as the schedule of the exams themselves, is known in advance. Of course, there are exceptions: in 2020, due to the pandemic, the final dates for examinations have not yet been determined. The question of the possibility of canceling them for high school remains open.

But this does not change the established procedure for examinations. Therefore, do not be alarmed, you will hand over one of the items later, on an extra day.

For example, the official date for the exam in physics and history is June 18 (Thursday). If you choose both of these disciplines, one of them will have to be postponed to July 7 (Tuesday) – a “spare” day.

How to Get to the Reserve Exam

If the disciplines you have chosen are scheduled on the same day, this issue is resolved as follows:

When applying for the exam, you must indicate which of the subjects you choose as the main one. You will hand it over according to the main schedule. The second item is automatically transferred to the “spare” day, pre-assigned to your chosen discipline.

Important! This rule does not apply to basic subjects – English language and mathematics. All students are required to take these examination disciplines, which is why they are initially assigned for different dates.

Tip: Be the first to put the item you’re more confident about. Then you will have more time to prepare for the second exam.

What to Do if You Cannot Attend the Exam on a Reserve Day?

In this case, you can apply in advance and pass one of the exams ahead of schedule.

Important! The reason for the early passing of the exam must be compelling and documented.

For instance:

  • Disease;
  • Moving to another country for permanent residence;
  • International competitions/olympiads scheduled for exam day.

Remember that permission to pass the exam ahead of schedule is issued by a special commission, for which you will not become an argument that you simply do not want to wait long, but prefer to take the exam in advance.

What to Remember?

  • You won’t have to take two exams in one day;
  • If the examination disciplines “overlap” each other, you can transfer one of them to the reserve day;
  • Thanks to the backup day, you will have more time to prepare for a more difficult exam;
  • If there are good reasons, documented, one of the exams can be passed ahead of schedule.


Of course, there is a great temptation to sit at a notebook all night, but science urges you to sleep. It is during sleep that the information received on the eve is consolidated. In experiments on rats, scientists showed that during slow sleep in the brain the same groups of neurons are excited as during training, which the rats did the day before. That is, in order to better remember Aristotle’s aphorisms, it is best to act like a rat – to go to bed early. In a dream, the brain will once again scroll through everything that it heard about the philosopher, and then lead you to success on the exam.

American scientists did not conduct experiments on rats, but on students, after which they confirmed that sitting on assignments all night was a bad idea. Side effects of sleepless nights are manifested in the form of a delay in reaction and a tendency to blunder mistakes everywhere.

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