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ETTV Moves To New Domain Name After Operator Disappears

This post will explain ETTV latest proxy. The disappearance of the most executive of ETTV, a TV-torrent distribution organization, last December has actually left the longer regard to the site unsure, reports TorrentFreak.

As a result, ETTV needed to change to a replacement domain some days back.
For those unaware, when the popular gush site ExtraTorrent pulled down the drapes on its site in 2017, numerous prominent uploaders and groups like ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne were left within the lurch.

ETTV Moves To New Domain Name After Operator Disappears

In this article, you can know about ETTV latest proxy here are the details below;

That’s when ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne chose to team up and introduce their own gush website called ETTV.tv. Over the years, the website’s traffic has grown slowly making it a medium-sized torrent site with an enthusiastic and vetted group of normal uploaders. Also check best alternatives of isoHunt.

While the site has been operating as prevailed in current months, the sudden disappearance of the most ETTV operator managing the domains, servers, and ads, has left the personnel behind the scenes with a substantial problem. Also check best alternatives of eztv.

ETTV latest proxy

According to TorrentFreak, ETTV administrator “sidekickbob” had actually informed them that the operator last logged in December in 2015, which is additionally an equivalent time he had actually sent an email to him informing him that he was having health difficulties.

With no clear word from the operator for large much four moons, “sidekickbob” decided to move into action. To start with, he disabled the ads that he had no control over. He then footed the bill and got the website’s server back. Presently, ETTV will utilize magnet links only.
To make sure that sidekickbob has full authority over the server, he switched to a brand-new domain title, ETTVdl.com. Although he has access to the recorder login of the different domains additionally to root access to the server and sidekickbob wishes to stop a “third-party” from using up. Also check buffstream .

“I redirected all traffic from ettv.to,” sidekickbob informed TorrentFreak, including that the opposite domains are set to expire later on this year.

This domain change was also interacted within the forums, with none extra contextual detail.
The “”brand-new” admin has strategies to restore some ads in order that he foots the bill till the time the first operator returns. Presently, sidekickbob is just working as a short-lived admin and is searching for a relied on one that can work due to the fact that the primary operator.

If he’s not able to seek out somebody, he has plans to shut the place down.
“It’s all delegated me, and if I do not manage to transfer it to someone else I will have the ability to eventually shut it down, potentially at the top of this year,” he stated, including that he does not have adequate time to manage the website himself. Also check best wunderlist alternatives.

This leaves a big enigma on ETTV’s future. The brand-new admin does not have strategies to offer the area to the very best bidder but to a third-party who features a great journal and a few experiences.

“Eventually my objective is to sell it to notable that desires to run the torrent site. Preferably notable that has experience in managing a medium traffic gush website. I’m not getting to offers it to some random kids,” sidekickbob concluded.


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