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9 Best DPS Classes for Mythic+ Carrying in Shadowlands Season 2


Whether you’re in it for Artifact Power, legendaries or you just want to get tokens/gold/money Mythic+ will be your bro and help you out. But to effectively carry mythic+ you need to come prepared, and that also means knowing optimal team composition, as well as best specs if you’re just doing it with your homies for the fun of it.

That’s why I’m writing this article. To become a mythic 15 carry, you need to cover your bases, and that means picking the best DPS.

Fire Mage

The first one, in no way due to this class being my personal favorite since WotLK, is the Fire Mage. Even after the nerfs, their damage output is one of the highest in the game (both AoE and single-target), and they still retain their ability to perform ridiculous bursts. As if that was not enough, they scale incredibly well, meaning that they will only get better later in the expansion.

Overall, mage utility benefits the party as a whole and, notably, gives the mage more survivability, specifically against certain affixes.

Windwalker Monk

Monks in WoW hit stuff. Hard. Windwalker Monks are good at doing that. They have great AoE and single target damage, top survivability, and mobility rivaled only by Sonic on speed. There are no major changes planned for the Monk, so all monk mains can sleep well at night, knowing that their class of choice will continue taking top positions on their damage meter.

Outlaw Rogue

Crowd-control, top tier damage and several incredible legendaries. The spec was somewhat reworked and all the rogues I asked (like, all two of them) found the changes unenjoyable, nonetheless. Outlaw Rogue is most definitely one of the best picks for DPS.

Elemental Shaman

Blizzard has a long history of hating shamans, but now Elemental Shamans have been quite viable for two expansions in a row. You can decide for yourself whether it’s a trap for to-be shaman players or blizzard’s redemption arc, what I will say is that Elemental shamans have great AoE and competitive one-target damage.

His ability to heal on the side, buff them with totems and Heroism/Bloodlust or, especially, to use his totems for out-of-this-world utility, definitely earns him a place in a Mythic+ group.

Shadow Priest

A class that does good damage, mainly relying on dots, while also healing at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, they get monstrous crowd-control and the ability to dispel better than any other class in the game. Their single-target damage is not that great, but it is still above average. Overall – a great choice.

Frost Mages

Mages are great—Crowd-control, survivability, buff, Spellsteal. Fire Mages might scale better, but Frost Mages still have a good AoE damage and utility, granted the somewhat lack in single-target damage.

I personally like frost mage for his fun gameplay (for what my advice is worth). If you’re a mage that wants to go frost, then, by all means, do so. They’re good for Mythic+ if not perfect.

Affliction Warlock

Affliction warlocks excel at single target damage, but their AoE just can’t keep up with other classes. They can still do considerable damage by applying their dots, of course, but it just doesn’t work against low hp targets. The Affliction Warlocks main plus is their ability to move while applying dots, which makes them particularly good in dealing with certain affixes.

Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter’s the name, bursting’s my game. Their bursts are the best in the game, no other class can come even close to the numbers these guys can put out. Cooldowns, though… spell a rather tragic story for marksmanship hunters. They are just not that good for completing Mythic+ fast due to their reliance on Trueshot and Primal Rage and small single-target damage output. Nonetheless, they are a good choice.

Havoc Demon Hunter

I’ll begrudgingly confess that I do not actually like Demon Hunters and never played them, so I do not have much of a perspective on their gameplay. What I do know is that they are more than capable of making good damage, have ridiculous survivability, great mobility. They also enable their groups to do some ridiculous skips. My friend told me that Demon Hunters coming out was the best thing since sliced bread, and I don’t think he was sarcastic in the least too.

Closing remarks

I hope this article was able to help you, at least a little bit. Min-maxing is good and dandy, just don’t forget to have fun in the process (if fun is what you’re doing it for). Please share this article. If you have something to say, like tell a story, critique my choice of classes or just tell me I’m wrong and Enhancement Shamans are secretly the best DPS, please feel free to do so in the comments.