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Handy tips to let you fast level in WoW TBC!


If you are searching for the most efficient approach to level up quickly in Burning Crusade Classic, the following piece of information can come of great help for you. The level capping has been raised from 60 to 70 thanks to the re-launch of World of Warcraft’s first expansion. If you haven’t completed WoW Classic yet, or if you intend on rolling one of the new races, you’ll find that some of these recommendations working for levels 1-60 as well.

This tutorial will show you how to level up in Outland so you can begin enjoying the Burning Crusade Classic’s content. Of course, you may pay to level up a character if you don’t mind spending the money—as long as it isn’t a Blood Elf or a Draenei. That said, this WoW Burning Crusade Classic leveling method will get you through the Dark Portal and beyond in no time, even if you have to perform the last ten or so levels in a conventional manner.

Finish up with the quests

While it may seem apparent, questing will be the primary method of leveling for most players, especially if you’re playing solo. While exploring the new Outland zones, you’ll come across numerous quest centers, which you should complete to get that much required experience.

Questing, however, can also help round out the environment you’re in, so unless you’re rushing to level 70, it can help round out the world you’re in.

It’s also worth mentioning that boosted characters will not be equipped with the best of the gears and will most likely be much weaker than those that have normally progressed and geared up. As a result, it’s a good idea to start your questing in high-level Azeroth zones (Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, or Silithus) before heading to Outland.

To make things simpler, form a group.

While performing quests, grouping up with buddies or guildies might help you get more done in less time. While the amount of experience obtained from opponents is reduced while playing in a group, the mission rewards are the same for all players.

Few of the classes can solo content with ease, while others may take more time to kill things. Regardless, the pace with which a group can complete missions allows for a more efficient and simpler leveling process, which benefits everyone involved.

Never skip doing Dungeons

Running dungeons is an effective way to acquire levels if you have a bunch ready to go or can easily assemble one with friends or through your guild. If you have to spend time looking for a group or if individuals depart and you have to replace them, this may not come of much help.

However, if you play Horde, one of the main advantages of TBC Classic is that there are likely to be a lot of Paladin tanks present, making dungeoning through Outland a bigger possibility than any other situation.

Dungeon quests are also a fantastic way to get experience. While they can only be finished once, it’s worth it to run a dungeon for the extra XP, even if you plan on spending the rest of your day questing.

Because travelling in the Burning Crusade Classic takes much longer than in contemporary World of Warcraft, it’s a good idea to utilise your Hearthstone and set it appropriately. Some tasks may send you all over the area to fight monsters or gather things, and you’ll wind up wasting a lot of time doing so. You won’t be able to eliminate all of your trip time, but you can reduce it by returning to the innkeeper at a quest centre or town with your hearthstone and skipping the return journey completely.

Don’t forget to kill enemies in between the quests

Grinding is only a viable option to questing if you play classes that can AoE numerous enemies within no time. That isn’t to suggest that you can’t complement your questing with some grinding on the side.

As  previously stated, leveling in Burning Crusade Classic will require you to spend a significant amount of time going from one location to another. Kill any random creatures you come across if your hearthstone is on cool down if you’re going into a new region. Sure, it won’t offer you as much experience as a quest would, but every bit of XP counts.

Allow professionals to assist you.

On certain instances you may find getting along with the levels and quests a bit tougher than earlier. For all such situations, you can get connected with a proven TBC pro who can help you get through without much fuss.

Yet, do check about the expertise and experience of the given WoW TBC boost pro in accordance to your requirements and expectations. Verify whether they are familiar with all the terms and elements of WoW TBC beforehand and you can then stay assured of getting the required assistance.