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How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Are you aware of the opportunity to make money while playing games online? Today, it is way easier to make money online. If you’re an expert gamer and have the necessary experience to win games, then you should give online gaming a thought. You can make money from it, while you enjoy playing it.

Additionally, you don’t need to own a console like the Play Station or XBox to be able to do this, all you need is a computer, internet connection and some gaming experience. Here are 5 ways how to make money playing video games that really work.

Become a Beta Tester

As new video games are released, they don’t get straight into the market, they all go through a process called beta testing. You need to know that as a beta tester you may not be working with well-known video games. You would be working with video games that are yet to hit the market. Video gaming companies always need people to test their games before releasing them to the general public.

It is possible that most of the games you would be testing won’t be as exciting as you’d like them to be, or you may notice a lot of glitches. Well, that’s why companies need you to try them out, give them feedback and suggest ways to make it better.

Video Game Tournaments

Video games go a long way in the development of communities. Also, they can be engaging as well as competitive. This competitiveness can result in tournaments, and prizes would be awarded in the end. Although it cannot be compared to having a regular job and earning regular pay, but if you’re dogged enough to compete and stay alive in ongoing tournaments, you’ll earn big prizes that would be worth your time.

Become a Video Game Reviewer

You can become a video game reviewer and also earn money. This is almost the same thing as blogging. Basically, you may need to open a blog for this, but you can leverage already existing platforms like YouTube, eBay or Amazon. You can visit sites like The Old School Game Vault and even find vintage games to review.

The main idea is to build your reputation and become a review source for video games. Increase your social media followers and build an audience. You can earn from selling the video games featured on your review through affiliate links (this means you earn a specific percentage off every sale you make for the distributor)

Become a Twitch Streamer

Although this may be new to you, Twitch is a streaming platform subsidiary of Amazon. You can make money as people subscribe and stream.   A lot of people earn money from games like fortnite or other online games such as chess; they earn from their subscribers.

You can increase your following and the number of people that stream your videos by uploading quality content. Once you do this, you may get sponsorships and giveaways. A good number of Twitch streamers do this every single day and earn accordingly. To them, it’s a full-time job.

 Work in Customer Service

There’s also an opportunity for veteran gamers to earn. If you’re one with experience in a good number of video games, here’s an opportunity to earn money from helping other people learn to play. Consider working on the helpdesk for video gaming companies.

Inquire about openings by reaching out to the manufacturers or distributors of these video games.


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