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The story about Verzik Vitur

OldSchool RuneScape is a game filled with dungeons and monstrosities of all kinds thanks to Jagex’s  game developers who worked hard on creating the fantasy world of Gielinor to be as beautiful as it is deadly. They put a lot of thought and effort into creating a multitude of bosses that are actually unique and fun to play against. Since bosses can only be engaged on once players complete quests or minigames or simply by progressing through the game, they had to be made powerful and menacing but above all unique. Additionally, players have to receive loot from bosses that will actually be rewarding, that way they will be encouraged to proceed with other dungeons or quests to obtain more awesome loot. Luckily, Jagex’s efforts payed off in the long run as to this day the RuneScape franchise is very much alive and kicking for many reasons, one of them being carefully engineered bosses with unique lore and abilities.

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Verzik Vitur

As we mentioned above, bosses are a crucial piece when creating the playability of a game. Luckily, RuneScape did their homework right therefore we have thousands of active players daily grinding to become the strongest adventurers in Gielinor. One of the bosses, that is also the strongest monster in all OldSchool RuneScape, is Verzik Vitur. She is a vampyre who rules over Ver Sinhaza, a castle situated in the southern sector of Meiyerditch, and at the same time she is a final boss of the Theatre of Blood. The Theatre of Blood is an arena beneath the Ver Sinhaza used for hosting blood sports to entertain vampyres. Citizens from nearby towns under the vampyre rule are encouraged to participate and fight against various experiments. If the participants win they would be set free from the blood tithes, presumably.
Verzik Vitur was the leader of the Vitur family in their vampyre homeworld of Vampyrium. During the Second Age her family arrived to Gielinor alongside other vampyre families, all lead by Zaros to whom they referred as ‘Stranger from Afar’. She was considered to be in the military of the Zarosian Empire and in return granted an Avernic defender for her service. One of the prized possessions of the Vitur family is the Scythe of Vitur, a most valuable weapon and heirloom to the founder of the House of Vitur. The second most known artefact is the Ghazi rapier, inherited by Verzik from her father. Interestingly enough, Verzik does not use neither of these two weapons once she is in combat.
It is considered that nylocas were brought to Gielinor by Verzik during the Second Age. She domesticated these arachnid creatures and is using them for the blood sports in the Theatre of Blood. Nylocas are weak if not in numbers and there are many species of them created by Verzik’s extensive breeding program. They do not grow larger than an adult human and usually group in small colonies.
Verzik Vitur has three forms of herself, obtained once she was bit by one of the experimental nylocas. She got obese and vulnerable to non-silver weaponry.

Boss-fight Explanation

Once in a raid with Verzik Vitur she will firstly appear on a throne from where she throws magical attacks that deal damage. At this stage it is recommended to use the Dawnbringer’s special attack to break her shield and to hide behind the pillars to avoid damage. Once players deal a certain amount of damage Verzik Vitur will abandon her throne and fly to the middle of the room, destroying pillars in the process.
From this point she will begin to throw bombs at players and will spawn nylocas that heal her and do splash damage once they explode. She will also use blood spells to heal as well. Once completing the second phase Verzik Vitur will turn into a giant spider using all three forms of combat.
Now she can summon nylocas, throw webs to bind players, charge up a special attack and throw green projectiles. At 20% health Verzik will summon tornados that follow players and deal lots of damage, healing Verzik in the process. With her three forms and the combined attacks of each at the final form, no wonder that Verzik Vitur is the strongest boss in the entire OldSchool RuneScape.
Interestingly enough, Verzik appears in ‘A Taste of Hope’ questline where she gives Vanstrom Klause, the leader of Vyrewatch, and Ranis Drakan, a noble that rules over Sanguinesti region, an Abomination ot help them with the hunt on the Myreque, a liberation group aiming to free Morytania from the vampyre rule.


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