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5 Essential features for Fitness App

Everyone wants a fitness app on their smartphone now to prevent missing any exercise. But sometimes it becomes very hard to choose an app that suits very well with all your needs. There are hundreds of apps out in the store that you can choose from but they all have different features. Choosing one becomes very hard if you do not know what the features that you need in the app are. If you are wondering how to create a fitness app, then here are some of the most common features that can help you.

1. Video instructions

This is probably the most important thing in any fitness app. In most of the apps, this feature is available and it helps very much for your daily workout easily. You might find some differences in the narration of the video and the types but having it is necessary. There are some apps where video instructions are divided into different sections and all of them are made by experienced professional fitness instructors. It is best to go for those apps as it saves a lot of time and makes it very effective.

2. Customizable diet plan

Diet plans are an essential part of a fitness journey, it helps very much to keep the weight balanced. However, there are some apps that do not have a diet plan in the list of features. It might get very hard for you to keep yourself healthy if you end up with one of those apps. So, make sure to choose an app that has a diet plan and it is customizable. Yes, now customizable diet plans are very common for fitness apps as it helps to make a diet plan based on their eating habits.

3. Notification

Nobody wants to miss their time and mess up the diet plan. Missing a session or any part of the workout is very bad for all the individuals. It is very hard to remember all the timing with all the busy life with jobs and family. So, having notifications and pop-ups are the only way to remind yourself of the much-needed workout you need to do. It helps from time to time to alert you of using different sounds to let you know even without looking at the screen of your smartphone. 

4. Personalized goals

Although most of the apps in the market have this feature, there are apps that miss it. At the time of signing up in the app, you will get this option to choose the goal that you are using this app for, like reducing weight, reducing body fat, and others. According to the goal you set, the app will provide you tools, exercises, video instructions, and others. It is a very good option that lets the app focus on your needs. Now, setting normal goals is okay, but when it comes to personalized goals, it gives you control over the suggestions and details about it.

5. Wearable device support

The wearable device is very common and handy in case of checking health details. This is one of the most helpful options provided by many fitness apps. Checking your smartphone, bringing it out of the pocket is not a very good option most of the time. When you are in crowded/busy places, running, exercising, it is very hard to look at the smartphone screen. Having a wearable device lets you see the details easily with just a wrist twist. Most of these devices come with step count, heart rate monitor, and others by default. However, you can customize it as you like and set other options or notifications based on your activity.


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