12 Super Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

A significant number of likes on Facebook show that people love your content and are interested in seeing more of it. For that reason, Facebook makes your content available in the news feeds of those people who have liked your page. More number of likes act as social proof and therefore make it easy for people to trust your brand.

At least two thirds of Facebook users visit a Facebook page once a week. Thus if your page looks credible, it becomes easy to attract many likes and followers.

However, for your page to gain traction, you must post engaging and useful content. This is because there are probably many similar pages to yours on Facebook. Hence, people will only like those that they deem worthwhile.

Here are some tactics that will help you increase likes on your Facebook page.

  1. Make your page informative and engaging

You need to give your fans a reason to keep coming back to your page. To start with, have an attractive profile picture and a captivating cover photo that will grab attention. Also, ensure that all information provided about your company is accurate and up to date. Wrong information may lead to a bad image for your brand.

Your business page should also paint a clear picture of your brand. It should portray your personality as well as educate customers about your brand and your products.

Find out the kind of content that your fans resonate with. This will help you post more of it and increase engagement on your page.

  1. Make use of the Facebook invite button

This button allows you to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. It is important only to invite people who are interested in your brand to keep your page active.

If your likes are below one hundred thousand, Facebook allows you to invite people who have liked, commented, or even shared your organic posts. If your content is engagingthis is an excellent chance of increasing your page likes.

  1. Interact with your audience frequently

One crucial tactic that will get people to like your page is making them feel appreciated. Make them feel that they belong to a family.

To establish that community, you must interact with your fans consistently. Engaging with your audience often will help them build a connection with your brand. You can engage with your fans by adding questions at the end of your posts and starting conversations once people have responded.

  1. Take advantage of 3rd party providers

If you have only few number of likes, they will help you get more. This is because it is easier for people to trust businesses that already have many followers. In case your Facebook page is newly created, buying Facebook likes would be a great way to boost social proof. will help you attain large number of Facebook likes quickly that will be non-drop and real.

Gaining more Facebook likes is definitely worth the effort. You are likely to reach more people and if your message is right, you might just turn them into loyal customers.

  1. Join other Facebook groups

Whatever you are trying to promote there are always dedicated groups available for that niche on Facebook. All you need to do is search them on Facebook and click join button. Joining the group is free of cost but make sure to join only those groups which have large number of audience. Some of them require an approval by admin and after that you can become a member of group. You can interact with other member and once in a month share your page so that you can get some more target people stick to your page.

  1. Market your page offline

Do you have a business card? It must have a your Facebook page with little icon so people can find and follow you. All printing materials and promotional items even ball pens can have your Facebook page link. You envelope, brochures, proposals all have a space where you can put your Facebook page so people can follow you easily.

  1. Add a Follow us button on your website/blog

No matter your website has huge traffic or not, it must have a Facebook page link or button. So people become your fan on Facebook with a single click. This is a great opportunity which many business does not take advantage of. Also, if you have huge number of likes, Google will give you good ranking in search engine because your brand is famous on Facebook.

  1. Work on content strategy

You need to learn what type of content you should post. As I mentioned above it must give some value to the reader, either informative, educational or entertaining that push your followers to share it further. Remember, more number of shares, more people will visit your page and like it.

  1. Share images and videos

People are not much interested in reading long text posts but instead they will notice if you show an eye catching image with text embedded in it. So use high quality images that will go viral and give you more likes.

Same goes for video posts, People like to watch instead of reading and conversion rate for video is even higher than image and text posts

  1. Post on the right time

Post timing matters a lot. You need to know what is the best time to publish a post so that you can get maximum exposure. You need to learn Facebook page insights to know the right time to post. If you will follow this strategy you will see that your page likes are rising day by day itself.

  1. Reply to messages quickly

You can install Facebook page manager for mobile app so that you can reply to comments and inbox queries on time. A quick response is very important to gain customer trust and also put a good impression for new followers.

Please note that if their first interaction was good they will definitely like or share your posts and based on edge rank they will receiving your future posts if they initially interacted with your page’s post.

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