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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2020

Digital marketing has been on the forefront and marketers are exploring all possibilities of it becoming the game turner for their success. From using social media to influencer marketing a lot of aspects have gained importance and hopefully the same should be maintained in the future too. Though some trends have already become quite strong there are others that are picking up. Here we share with you 5 digital marketing trends that are going to pay in 2020.

Social influencer marketing

Initially companies were looking at celebrities with huge fan following to vouch for their brand. The trend would somewhat subside in the coming future. Instead companies would associate with people with smaller follower groups and can provide social media coverage to their brand. By joining hands with the influencers companies also get a chance to create blogs and in turn get links that would get customers on their website. They can also hire link building services to handle this task for them. SEOOutreachers takes care of building links that are genuine and acceptable by Google’s standards to get your website a boost in the ranking.

Video ad engagement

Last year Videos ruled and there is no surprise behind the same. Marketers increased their video budget this year and are bound to keep doing it this year. It goes without saying that this is partly because the video watching habits of customers will remain on the increase. Apart from the video ads, the content posted through Instagram and Facebook live is also gaining traction and its time marketers pay utmost heed to this trend.

Interactive content

Customers want stuff that keeps them engaged. An exceeding percentage of customers want to see interactive content and this expectation would remain in 2020 too. AR/VR, shoppable posts, 360-degree videos, quizzes, and polls are going to keep them interested and coming back for more. The level of interactivity in such kind of content is fairly new and it would take customers to accept this change. For example, if you put a shoppable ad on Instagram the customer is likely to click on it and move ahead. He would reach a link that shows him how he can complete the purchase, and this starts an association that is going to have positive impact on you.

Micro-Moments exploring

Customers take on the spot decisions. Like which restaurant to visit or where to buy clothes from. If your ad gets flashed to him at the exact time he is bound to notice and move to complete his sale. In the future, you need to ensure that Google puts you in the right place at the right time. Customers are not patient these days and if they want to buy something, they want the marketer to take the first step. This attitude of theirs is going to be there next year too and time to cash on it.

Social media stories

It started with Snapchat and then Instagram and Facebook followed suit. Now it is Tik Tok which has small videos telling about your products and its benefits. However, this kind of stories disappear quickly, and marketers need to understand that. The stories increase your customer engagement and lead to an increase in brand awareness for you.


In the coming year, a lot of digital marketing trends would get a boost while others are going to die a slow death. Link building and influencer marketing are going to remain popular and SEOOutreachers helps you to tackle the same for your brand. Along with keeping your brand recognition in positive using these tactics would help you increase your sales.


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