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5 Harmful Effects of Security Breaches You Can’t Ignore


Security is a very important concern when you are a website owner as the last thing you want is people getting locked out of your website. Thus, in this article we are going to highlight what are the major threats that you should be aware of in order to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to avoid those on your website.

Before that, let us see if you don’t want to fall into the trap of viruses and hackers, then what should you do?

Getting the right security measures in place largely depends on the hosting provider that you choose. If you’re hosting your website on GoDaddy you want to make sure that you take the package which has all of the security features. The major security features that you want to look out for are

  • SSL certification.
  • A support team
  • FTP
  • DDOS prevention
  • Periodic scanning of the website and so on

There also has to be a team available in the backend who can take care of the issues right as they occur. The team also will help you. By being available 24/7 take care of any breaches as and when they happen.

Websites hosted on WordPress will get a lot of security features in the form of additional plugins that you may have to pay for sometimes. However if you’re hosting a WordPress website on GoDaddy, then you can use GoDaddy coupons on Hosting and not only enjoy discounted hosting prices, but also will get offers on security plugins. This will reduce the cost and will help you secure your website under your budget.

So now let’s see what are the issues that your website can face when it is not properly optimized for security

The harmful effects of security breaches on a website.

1. Disturbed user experience

A usual ecommerce website is the home to probably thousands of users if not millions. It has a transaction history for years and a repository of hundreds of products, if not thousands. A black screen is scary on such a website when you have actual transactions taking place. When a person might be in the process of making a purchase, the last thing as website owners, we want is for a transaction to not go through.

2. Losing trust:

Hampered website experience will definitely cause a loss of trust from your users. That will affect your business in terms of growth and revenue both. You never know what time of the day a person is using your website. If your website appears to be hacked or taken over by a malware in that time, you probably won’t see that customer ever again.

3. Data loss

Your website can be home for a lot of data and transactions that have happened in the past. Malware can reach into website files and mess with important data.

4. Legal issues

The last thing you want is to get into a legal battle with either a user, stakeholder or a business partner for loss of confidentiality or a money war that might arise due to security issues. There is a lot of confidential information present on one’s website. And you might be putting all of that information at risk by not securing your website.

5. Employees data

A lot of websites also have provisions where employees can create accounts and might have a lot of information about their day-to-day work set up in the online portal. Such websites usually run in an organization where there is a need for a common tool to track employees progresses or to track daily activities. Any attack on such an online platform will hamper the entire operations of the office and can also result in losing important data irreversibly.

How to eliminate data risks

Cloud backup

The first and the foremost thing that you need to ensure is that your data is safely backed up on the cloud. You should be looking for cloud hosting solutions in order to host your website. Cloud hosting also comes with many other benefits, like increased uptime.

When all your data is embedded in the cloud, and securely protected there, you would always have a repository to go back to.

Firewall setup
Secondly, create firewalls for your website. Access from every IP address is not safe for your site. Hackers use IP addresses to breach into computers.

That is why. You should set up a firewall which blocks suspicious IP addresses. Make your website accessible to only those who need it.

Captcha Code

Creating a capture code is an amazing way to keep hackers and automated virus bots away As per Panda Security, machines have only a success rate of 0.01 % to unlock a Captcha whereas humans have an 80% access rate. Captcha will keep mechanical bots away.

Closing thought

Security has always been a top concern for site owners. As websites and applications keep on improving, hackers too keep on getting creative with the ways to breach into them.

On one hand, you can constantly monitor your website 24/7 and solve issues as they come. But it is tedious for a human to do it. That is why, investing in the right security means and software can really help you save a fortune in the future. Invest in proper security solutions, get the right plugins, and the right opinions while creating your website.