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5 Tips to Thrive as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize yourself from your online activities. It can be very lucrative, but it is also a challenging but fascinating activity.

Very often, a successful sale is derived more by following a proven process rather than exhibiting unusual creativity, regardless what you might hear from case studies and quotes from experts or sales gurus. One thing that is certain is that following the right process can help you make a good living as an affiliate marketer. This includes choosing the right website, which means that you need to know where to buy domain names for it.

Top affiliate marketing tips

Read this page from Big Commerce if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is. However, you need to understand that the path is anything but simple. That’s why we have simplified things for you by formulating a trio of great affiliate marketing tips to get you on the fast track to success.

In this process, assertive communication is indispensable. If this term does not seem familiar to you, I refer to a definition similar to that of Richard Bandler, author of books on neuro-linguistic programming, where assertive communication is defined as a communication process based on a positive personal attitude at the time of the relationship with people, based on expressing opinions with active listening in between, in a cordial and attentive manner, generating a virtuous interaction between the parties.

Starting from that point, we can establish a context that explains why a good salesperson is usually a person gifted with the ability of assertive communication. Sometimes this salesperson has studied or developed a specialized area of expertise in the subject, while in other cases it is a mixture of personality traits plus talent developed at home.

First point: choose your niche

The first thing is to choose your niche. A common mistake for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing is to try to be an affiliate in every vertical or go right for a very competitive niche.

The reality is that you have to study the prospect and identify whether or not they can be a good element to increase your profits, beyond becoming just another affiliate. Remember that most affiliate mechanisms generate profit for a person when an affiliate is active.

Second: presence in multiple channels

Another important point is to promote your links and channels through different channels. Nobody denies that Facebook is a good network and maybe most of your target customers are there. However, of all of them, which ones can be good customers?

That’s why you should have a presence in multiple channels. You might want to consider venturing into some social media platforms where you had no presence before. For example, if you are targeting the millennial market, maybe you have to come up with a strategy that involves using Snapchat.

Third: adequate (and systematized) follow-up.

One of the biggest problems, in different affiliate networks and multilevel marketing programs, is the lack of follow-up. Even after the convening events (from online ones like webinars to offline ones like product or business model demos) there is a significant loss of opportunities due to lack of follow-up.

For this, the best thing you can do is to set up a system to track your opportunities and give them a proper follow-up (of course, without being intrusive). A message to people on your email list every so often may lead them to make the final decision to join your affiliate network.

Fourth: Assertive communication, your tool for affiliation

With the above in mind, you can understand that assertive communication is also a good tool in the affiliate-structured business industry. You need to talk to your affiliate manager, members of your master mind groups and customers regularly.

In fact, this is the kick-start to the success of most affiliate marketers. The process of developing an assertive communication process, with the right information, at the right time and under the right media, will allow you to create a solid affiliate marketing strategy by adopting a friendly process that will keep them away from fear, intrusiveness and abandonment, and bring them closer to successful registration and affiliation.

Along these lines, you can consider the following best communication practices to thrive:

  • Choose the right communication channel according to the generation, interests and/or culture of your target audience and use it to deliver the right message through the right channel.
  • Choose the tone of your communication, weighing between joking and formality in order to build trust in the communication process.
  • If the conversation and the environment lend themselves to it, allow yourself to use some slang and colloquialisms, typical of the conversation process.

In the end, it all comes down to creating circles of trust that allow the prospect to make a decision in your favor and convenience.


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