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6 Convenient Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Youtube Experience

Over the years, YouTube has become the largest platform in the world for people to view and upload videos. But since its humble beginnings, a lot has changed. You can now do many things to make your YouTube experience even better.

Google Chrome has a massive assortment of extensions to enhance your viewing. So, it is well worth it to know what is available to help make YouTube better. Whether you use NordVPN to unblock content to give everything an upgrade, these extensions are just waiting to be used.


These days it is almost a necessity to have a virtual private network (VPN) for your home network and devices you use on the go. NordVPN is a highly-touted virtual private network that encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address for you. It is available for all your devices, and it comes with a proxy extension for Chrome.

One of the best features of NordVPN is that it allows you to watch restricted YouTube videos that may otherwise be ‘geo-blocked’ in your area. It also protects your online browsing from snooping eyes, be it hackers, advertisers, or your ISP. It makes it a must-have extension for your Chrome browser.


Have you ever wanted to find one section of a video, but that video is lengthy, and you don’t know where to look? BriefTube is a unique extension that will summarize the content of the video. It will then allow you to jump to specific sections through a table of contents that it creates. It is an excellent tool for those looking to do research or find that needle in a haystack.

Magic Actions

Here comes a YouTube enhancement that does a little bit of everything. The primary function of Magic Actions is improving your experience through a variety of visual and audio improvements. The Magic Vinyl feature, for example, allows you to manipulate videos with:

  • zooming,
  • different filters,
  • speed control,
  • the ability to flip images.


You also get:

  • automatic 4K HD capabilities,
  • control of the volume with your mouse wheel,
  • customizable dynamic backlight,
  • a nighttime mode.


If you are looking to make your YouTube feel refined, this is the extension you should install. Magic Actions is also one of the highest-rated extensions available, and that says something.

Video Preview

Before you click on a YouTube video, all you have to go by is the static image and a short description. Video Preview is an extension that extends the preview of any YouTube video. It will give you more captures and also show you the ratings as bars across the bottom of the preview.


This one is for those who have to deal with having sub-par internet connections. If you had enough of seeing videos buffering, download this extension. It allows you to configure the buffering of your videos to make it more efficient and usable for slow speeds.

Features include buffering as soon as you open the YouTube page and auto-play once a video is ready. You may also set the extension to track the status of a buffering video. You can set it to play it when SmartVideo decides that you won’t have any more issues based on your internet speeds.

Video Blocker

Last but not least is an extension that everyone could use at one time or another. If you are sick and tired of seeing particular channels or YouTubers in your searches, then download Video Blocker. This extension allows you to block entire channels from showing up on your feed. If you find yourself bored with seeing the same people all the time, it is going to make them disappear.

Make Your Experience Better

If you have been using the basic YouTube website, it is time to make a change. These easy to use extensions are going to make your experience better every time you open up YouTube. You have everything from security to personalization and ease of use. While they are not the only extensions available on Chrome to make YouTube easier to use, they are some of the best.


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