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6 Ways To Level-Up Your Marketing Strategy


Having a well-developed marketing strategy is key to owning a successful business. But what exactly does a well-developed marketing strategy look like?

Read on to discover six ways to level up your marketing strategy.

1. Beef Up Your Social Media Presence

If you are looking to get your business in front of more people this year. You should place a heavy emphasis on your social media presence. Social media is everything, especially for companies with a younger audience. Nowadays, people even look things up on Instagram before going to a website. So, make sure that when they get to your pages. They are full of high-quality content.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals is an absolute must. Review the statistics from last year and use that information to make new goals. It is crucial to have many goals, some that are realistic, and others more far-fetched. There is no problem with shooting for the stars. Just make sure you have a few smaller goals so you do not get discouraged along the way.


Set long-term goals. Where do you want your company to be in five to ten years? How do you want your marketing plan to develop over that time? How are you going to keep your plan while simultaneously staying on top of the current trends? After you think through these questions, set a couple of long-term goals that you want to achieve.


The same applies to short-term goals as well. It is critical to have small victories along the way. It shows you and your team that you are progressing, and it just feels good. Just do not be discouraged if you fail!

3. Do The Research

Research is a crucial element of your marketing strategy. The changes you make and the strategies you implement should be based on real-world information. Or else, you may be dissatisfied with the results. Researching trends, your customers, and your competitors is a great place to start.


Trends are an easy one. Simply ask yourself the question, what is popular right now? Is there a specific social media platform that is popular? Is there a style that you should adopt for your next advertising campaign? Who has the most influence right now? All of these questions can help!


Researching your customers and projected customers is also essential! You need to know who they are! Where they live, how old they are, what their gender is, and why they like or do not like your product or service. This will help inform your marketing strategy.


Lastly, know what your competitors are doing. Not so you can copy them. That is rarely a good thing to do. But so you can get ahead of them. Research their trends and try to get a leg up in any way you can.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for any company. You want to be the most popular result for any online search related to your industry. Here is how to do that.

Research Keywords

Research the keywords of your industry. For example, if your company sells skin moisturizers. A few keywords will probably be skin-care, skin-care routine, beauty, beauty routine, self-care, etc…

High-Quality Content

Make sure your website is riddled with high-quality content that is intriguing for anyone to read. You want as many people to share your website as possible. Google recognizes and rewards good content.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Content

While creating the content for your site, be sure to include many of the keywords you researched. Having the right amount of keywords and content will significantly increase your Google rank and aid in your SEO.

Anchor Texts

Along with keywords, include other relevant keywords and hyperlink them to other websites or parts of your website.

Page Titles

Page titles are also important. Make sure that every page title of your website is simple and clearly expresses the contents of the page.

Google EAT

Google uses a system they call EAT to determine the rank of pages in their search engine. It stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Research this further and implement it into all of your content.

5. Plan Ahead

It is one thing to have a solid marketing strategy. It is another entirely to implement it correctly. To do this, you absolutely must plan ahead. Not just a month or two. Planning your marketing campaigns at least three months in advance is a must.

6. Outsource

You may be thinking this sounds like more than my company can handle. That is probably the case! Many companies do not have the resources to accomplish all of this in-house. That is why many outsource. It costs less upfront and provides you with professionals like Kevin Miller, who is the best in the biz.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you are on the right track. Leveling up your marketing strategy is crucial in today’s cut-throat business environment. So, do what you need to do to implement these steps and watch as your goals get met year after year.