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A Platform for Your Guests

There are few methods that can be employed by hotel owners to get their names across
from a website. If a guest hears your hotel’s name in passing or sees an advertisement
for your hotel but cannot find a website, they’;re likely to move on and find a different
option. Hotels require websites to help build client trust. The same can be said for their
booking system.

Many industries can get away with not having a reservation system based online –
restaurants practice both online and in-person reservations and the same can be said
for movies. With hotels, however, it is becoming less frequent for a guest to show up
without a reservation. The worry of a hotel being completely booked tends to outweigh
the guests’ sense of adventure and so a booking prior to arrival is now common

This leaves it up to you, the hotel owner, to create a user-friendly and easy to access
reservation website for your hotel. To make a booking website is simple, and with the
right help, can be done by anyone.

Features of a booking website

Your reservation website can be different and as is often the case, the more unique, the
more it stands out from the crowd. However, there are certain sets of features that every
great reservation site requires.

Navigation – An easy to access and user-friendly navigation bar at the top of the page is
required. This allows guests to know what is available within the site, and how to reach each
page with ease.

Registration – Allowing your guest to create a profile and login to the website will make the
organization portion easier on your behalf. When they go to make their reservations, their
information is already stored and ready for use.

Seasonality – Warmer regions are more likely to have guests during the summer. Ski resorts
and snowy areas attract guests during the winter. Knowing which region your hotel falls under
and which crowd you’re likely to attract will allow you to more accurately adjust your pricing
based on the season.

Reservations – This is the main function of a booking site. This is where the guest can book
their hotel reservation. Make the reservation portion of the website easy to understand and
interact with. If nothing else on your website works properly, at least ensure that the reservation
portion of the page operates as intended.

Reviews – The best way to showcase your hotel’s quality is through guest reviews. The most
trustworthy person to review a product is someone who has used it. Keeping a section that
allows potential guests to see past registered guests ratings based on their experience is not
only helpful but insightful too.

Get started with Justcoded

This company allows users to combine their passions with the internet. Establishing
your hotel’s online presence is made simple with Justcoded’s team of developers and
designers. They will consult with you to give you the information and knowledge you
need to make an amazing reservation website for your hotel.


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