Our world is changing and progressing constantly. Quite often, new creative thoughts and advancements are being created. And all of this is for our own good. Advances and improvements are being made in practically all regions. Our correspondence and connection with the remainder of the world is vital.

Subsequently, the communication era has additionally changed altogether over the ongoing years and has extended to a great extent for our benefit.

At the point when we talk about various correspondence media, fax is one of the exceptionally old techniques for official communications and discussions. Alongside its amazing security masters, fax likewise has a few downsides.

A while ago when the web was new and inaccessible at most of the places, faxing documents from one place to another was a serious problem. Both the sending and getting places required fax machines, telephone lines, paper, toner and numerous other equipment.

Be that as it may, this isn’t the situation now. With the Internet assuming control over the world, faxing has become a lot simpler and less complicated. Different online methods have been acquainted with sending and getting faxes from all around.

And the most widely recognized one is sending and getting faxes through Google’s most widely used product, Gmail.

Is Gmail Faxing achievable?

As the name indicates, Gmail faxing needs to be done through Gmail, an emailing platform. The tech experts produced a mixture of two great things, fax and Gmail, to produce something that is even greater.

And if you’ve got some knowledge about how these things work, then you might have an idea that Gmail and faxing are two quite different forums and cannot work together.

If you are not aware of their working operations, let us tell you. Fax is quite old, as you might know as well. And old things incorporate old techniques. In the same way, faxing is done through analog signals.

On the other side, that is of Gmail, it operates through digital signals. Analog signals cannot be, that easily, converted into digital ones and vice versa is also not achievable easily.

Hence, this gave rise to the need of a go-between party that would serve as a translator between the two media and hence ease the functioning of Gmail faxing. And there are tons of such services available on the internet.

But with every luxury, there comes difficulty as well. This is likewise the situation with online fax services. The deterrent to safe faxing is picking the best alternative of online fax services. Quality is immensely favored over anything else.

Furthermore, that is the reason choosing the most dependable fax administration is the way to safe faxing.

CocoFax – Safe, Secure and Free Gmail Faxing

Here we have narrowed down and actually even ended your search for the most perfect online fax service that serves all of your faxing needs. We have for you, CocoFax. With CocoFax, you can send free fax from Gmail and also do a ton of other things too.

CocoFax is one of the most dependable and very much presumed brand in the faxing world. The powerful ‘CocoFax’ has earned its name in the business because of its mind blowing and extraordinary features.

And that is why some of the most prestigious news sources like Forbes, PCMag and PC World have also reviewed CocoFax in the best possible words.

With a great many clients everywhere throughout the world, CocoFax gives some unique and wonderful highlights and features which can nowhere be found in any other fax service. In this way, with CocoFax, you are in safe hands.

It additionally offers its wide scope of service bundles on an assortment of gadgets. For the solace of its clients, CocoFax has extended its region of work. From PCs to your tablets, MacBooks and even cell phones, CocoFax deals with every one of these gadgets.

What is required for Gmail Faxing through CocoFax?

Well the next question is about what else is needed. Obviously this is not it. Even though the requirements are not old fashioned or troublesome (as they were in the past), still there are some simple things that you need to keep in mind.

And believe me, when I say simple, I mean it. You can figure it all out by visiting the official site https://www.cocofax.com/.

So here we have detailed all of the things that are necessary if you want to fax through Gmail using CocoFax’s services.

A Gmail ID: Of course, faxing through Gmail will require a Gmail account. Most probably the majority of the people already have one. But in case you haven’t, its super easy to get one.

A Well-established Internet Connection: As we are talking about online faxing here, an internet connection is a must-have here. Gmail and CocoFax both require internet connection to work. Therefore, the device that you are using for faxing through Gmail must be connected to the internet.

CocoFax Account: Working on CocoFax or in other words, faxing through CocoFax requires that you first create an account with the CocoFax fax service (in case that you already don’t have one).

Fax Number: Last but the most important part of online Gmail faxing is fax number. Fax number is mandatory whether you use the old faxing way that is through fax machines or you use this new way, which is online faxing through Gmail. But don’t worry, CocoFax takes care of this too by giving you a free of cost fax number.

Stepwise Guide for Faxing through Gmail

Step 1: First you have to sign-up with CocoFax. For the reason, you should simply open the CocoFax official site and follow the plain steps of sign-up methodology. CocoFax allows you to choose your free fax number too. This is the place where you will pick the fax number that suits you the best.

Step 2: When you have enrolled yourself, you should simply open your Gmail account on your gadget, PC or cell phone and so on. Create another email, which will open a new window.

This is the place you will draft your fax, fundamentally the same as email. The ‘To’ field will be having the fax address of the beneficiary which comprises the beneficiary’s fax number followed by ‘@cocofax.com’.

Likewise, there can be more than one person receiving your fax, all of their fax addresses will be partitioned by commas. The ‘Subject’ field and email body both are elective, you can pick not to compose anything in these zones. Going to the fundamental part, the fax file. The document you want to fax will become an attachment to the email.

At the point when you are finished with the above steps, second-check your draft to see everything is set up well and nice. Click on the Send button. CocoFax will change it over into a fax and send it to the person who is meant to receive it. This all occurs in under a second.

Receiving Faxes with Gmail

Receiving faxes through Gmail is as easy as receiving a text message on your mobile. You don’t have to do anything in particular for getting faxes. If you are already registered with CocoFax, all the faxes you get will appear in the inbox tab whenever you open your Gmail account. Yes, it’s just like getting a regular email, it’s that easy.


So now that you know all about Gmail Faxing and how CocoFax is best at it, why don’t you give it a shot? I’m certain that you will surely not be able to resist it once you use it.


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