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Background Check Reviews: How Good is CheckPeople.com Data?

CheckPeople is one of the leading background check providers, but how do they stack up against the competition? In this CheckPeople review, we will determine whether or not you can rely on this background check service’s data. It provides an easy and simple way to find basic personal details, employment records, criminal records, and more.


You get a full and comprehensive list of search results, even if your subject has a common name. You can go to the right person at once. The site is intuitive and narrows results down so as to avoid overwhelming users with information.


Canceling the free trial can be a hassle. When you call the number given for this purpose, you might have to wait a bit before a CheckPeople employee connects with you. Moreover, initial searches take a while. Every next search is near-instant.

After publishing this review, we found other reviews of past users who complained about stalling or failed searches where they had to start over from scratch. However, most added this was worth doing because the data they ultimately got was highly accurate and reliable. It is possible that a slow internet connection or browser had to do with the long wait and technical issues.

About CheckPeople.com

The team behind this service has decades of collective experience in operating businesses online. It was established in Palo Alto, California with the main purpose of helping users make the best decisions. These might involve hiring job candidates, purchasing a property, or personal decisions about a romantic interest. The service does this by giving access to comprehensive data at an affordable price.

Reasons to Use the Site

Being the cynics that we are, we did not rely on the information Checkpeople.com gave us. We searched it ourselves and found it was mostly reliable and correct. We found no significant discrepancies. More specifically, we searched on behalf of a friend buying a small property from a woman in another state. She wanted to make sure the seller had not lied about her identity and that she didn’t have something important she was hiding, like a criminal record. The seller turned out to be legitimate, and the deal went through without complications of any kind.

You might use CheckPeople to background check a new neighbor or coworker. You have the right to know who’s living next door or whom you’re working with. You need to be able to trust these people. Some people are very quiet and keep to themselves. Sometimes, they’re simply introverted. Other times they have something to hide. It always pays off to perform a check if you need peace of mind.

The Price was Right

Unlike most other background check services, only one pricing option is available with CheckPeople. You get a free five-day trial for the symbolic amount of $1. If you decide to end your free trial for whatever reason, you must do so on the fifth day at the latest. If you don’t, you will be upgraded to a paid membership, which is just under $45 a month.

You’d be happy to know the free trial does not come with hidden fees or mandatory upgrades. You also get unlimited searches over these initial five days. You won’t be billed at all. We believe the paid membership is quite a good deal if you need to use such a service recurrently, like if you are an employer who has to screen candidates. Moreover, you’ll find clear text outlining the company’s policy below your payment details.

Make sure you send the company an email or call customer service if you want to end your free trial. Unsubscribing from their emails will not be perceived as a cancellation. You will keep being charged for the subscription until you email or call. One can’t expect anything different from any business.


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