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Benefits of a VPN You Might Not Know

Do you know what a VPN is? Or ever heard about it and thought it was some deep technical term, used by IT professionals? Well, first of all, clear your mind if you think VPN is some rocket science stuff and not a useful tool for you.

A VPN service is a Virtual Private Network, what this does is that it encrypts your data and provides you online security and freedom. There are many VPN service providers in the market today and you can easily purchase one and use its application as the user interface is very simple to operate.

As a VPN encrypts your data, this means no one can monitor what you are doing on the internet and also where you are operating from. This helps in a lot of ways rather than just providing you security. If you’re a streaming buff, then a VPN is the ultimate tool to widen your entertainment horizon.

Here Are Some Benefits of Using a VPN

Obviously providing online security is the basic feature of a VPN, ScreenBinge outlines the other benefits that you can gain with a VPN:

Prevent Your ISP from Data-Throttling

After using a certain amount of Data, your Internet Speed Provider will cap your speed and slow down it down. However, when you are using a VPN your Internet Speed Provider will not be able to slow down your service and hence you will be able to use your internet to the fullest of its capacity.

Prevent Your ISP from Bandwidth- Throttling

Ever experienced a sudden slowdown of internet speed when visiting websites like Netflix or Hulu? Your Internet Service Provider throttles the speed of your internet when it notices a spike in your bandwidth usage. This too can be easily prevented by using a VPN and you can stream your desired content without any buffering.

Gain Access to Region Restricted Streaming Platforms

A majority of the best streaming platforms root from the United States and are often restricted to it or offer a limited content library outside of the country. American Netflix is one such great example, it has the greatest number of titles on its library, and by connecting your VPN to an American server you can easily access it from anywhere.

Similarly a lot of people want to access Disney Plus but the service isn’t available yet globally, so if you country of residence does not have it, all you have to do is use a VPN. Same goes for sports lovers who want to watch live sports not available in their region.

Use a VPN for Official Communication Rather than Intranet

Setting up intranet facilities can be expensive and limiting, it may disturb your business activities. While simply employing a VPN will make it very easy to carry out your business activities safely and will make it easy for the employees as well. It will also allow you the employees to work remotely rather than having to physically be present at the office.

Get Discounts by Changing Your Country

A lot of services cost different depending on the economic conditions of the country, for example you love UFC and want to buy a pass. If you purchase it from the U.S it will cost you a lot more than purchasing it from a country like Vietnam. Simply connect your VPN to a server of Vietnamese server and make your purchase, you will save a lot of money this way.

This is just one example, you can save money on other services as well such as booking airline tickets and subscribing to streaming platforms. For example Basic Netflix costs a mere $3.99 in Brazil so you can connect your VPN to a Brazilian server and purchase the subscription for much less compared to the U.S base price of $8.99.

Save Money by Using Leased-line Alternatives

A VPN may in particular, give some savings to companies. For example companies may bypass the rental of costly network capacity lines to connect between office locations by means of VPNs. They might instead connect to a local ISP using public infrastructure through less expensive local leased lines or broadband connectivity.


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