Benefits Of Collaborative Robots In The Workplace

In industry, businesses of all sizes are encouraged to look out for change and embrace it. One of the changes that has permeated the world of business, especially in the manufacturing sector is the ever-increasing uptake of collaborative robots also known as cobots.

Since their introduction into manufacturing automation over the last decade, more and more companies of different sizes have adopted the use of cobots.

Companies that have already acquired cobots have gained immensely. Here are some of the benefits that accrue on companies that acquire cobots.

Lower their wage payments

With robots in place, companies are able to lower their wage payments. When a robot come into play in a company, they are able to eliminate problems that are caused by a shortage of employees or a lack of a specialized skill.

With a robot in their company, an employer does not have to incur additional costs employing more manpower. This translates in lowering the cost of employee payments and deploying the savings in enhancing production.

Further, a collaborative robot does not a specialized operator or programmer. This ensures that the manufacturing company does not go into additional cost by hiring an expensive robot programmer.

Enhances the appeal of the products

Using a robot helps companies come up with beautiful and appealing products.

Collaborative robots can easily carry out complicated designs and bring out a unique product. Unique and appealing products help companies attract more customers to their products.

With the growing trend of mass customization, a collaborative robot is the solution to the creation of as many unique products within the shortest time possible.

Makes work easier

One of the appeal of robots in a company is that they enable automation. With robots handling difficult, monotonous and repetitive processes, a lot of the hard work for factory floor employees is lightened.

Robots therefore allow your employees to undertake tasks that are not that hard and that they are well equipped to handle. They also allow employees to comfortably handle other tasks that well suited for human beings that robots cannot carry out.

Tasks such as communication with customers, selling and marketing that cannot be competently outsourced to robots can then be assigned to employees whose work is taken over by employees.

Enhance innovation

The presence of robots in the factory floor also allows for innovation.

With a highly capable machine in terms of product development and production, employees have the leeway to come up with designs that were previously thought to be impossible to produce.

In addition, with employees assigned new tasks, they are able to come up with new ways of doing things based on their previous experience on the factory floor.

Improve production time

Another benefit that companies gain on acquisition of a robot is enhancing the time of production.

Robots, do not need time to rest. Therefore, they are able to work longer than any human labor can and produce more, faster and more accurately.

As a result, there is a significant improvement in the rate of production and companies are able to present to market more and better products to the market.

Reduce the need for additional expensive space

Collaborative robots are compact and occupy very little space. At Universal Robots, the pioneer manufacturer of collaborative robots, their robots usually have a base diameter between 128mm and 190mm.

This means that a single robot will occupy very little space thus will not need manufacturers to increase their operating space. This means that manufacturers can easily acquire robots to automate their processes without having to increase the amount of space that they need.


Collaborative robots have numerous benefits for manufacturing companies. Depending on the challenges different companies are facing, it is important to investigate how best a robot can help before acquiring one. For better products, faster production and enhance production time, a manufacturer is sure that the collaborative robot is the best.

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