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Benefits of Remembered WiFi Networks and When to Forget Them

The choice to remember WiFi networks can help you start your work day off seamlessly. You can simply sit down at your computer and start your daily projects without having to connect manually to your WiFi. With the popularity of working remotely, you may enjoy working from coffee shops and friend’s houses, as well. You may connect to a network once and never visit the location again, however. Over time, the list of networks on your computer may get extremely long. While you may enjoy an easy connection, at times you may need to forget a few networks to stay organized.

Fast Access

One of the main benefits of remembering a network remains fast access to WiFi. Most people have a main location they work from. You may work from school, an office, or home. Remembering this WiFi network can help you get started on your daily tasks with minimal effort. You can simply turn your Macbook on and start your tasks.


You must enter a password to connect to a network manually. This can become tedious and you may also forget the password occasionally. You may need to remember several passwords to access various sites each day. Enjoy the convenience of not entering one for your Wifi. You can add several auto-connect WiFi networks to your Macbook. Choose your favorite work spots and organize the list by preference.

One-Time Use

While auto-connect helps you work faster, you may find that your list of networks becomes too long. If you work remotely, you may need to meet clients at various locations, for example. If you don’t plan to return to these locations, simply forget the network when you finish the meeting. Read through the steps to forget a network on a Macbook at setapp.com.


Wifi companies often do routine updates or maintenance on their equipment. This can leave you without internet for the day or cause connection issues later. If updating and restarting your computer does not solve the connection issue, forget the network and add it again. You may also need to update your information at times. If you plan to change your WiFi password or network name, you may need to forget the network and start the process over.

New Provider

Getting a new provider may also prompt you to forget your old network. Whether your office switches to a new company or you choose a new one for your home, you don’t need the old information. Forget the old network to clear up the WiFi list on your MacBook.

Remembering a WiFi network can help you work faster and limit the number of passwords you must remember. You can start on projects immediately and enter online meetings quickly. At times, however, you need to forget a WiFi network on your Macbook. Remote working often adds many WiFi networks to your list. You may only need some of these one time. Various updates can also disrupt your connection, requiring you to forget a network and start over. Make the effort to forget unused networks to keep your Macbook organized.


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